Teachers react to the state reps. ordering schools open and instructors back to work. The article reads like a satirical entertainment piece. As  I read it the fact that adults, in full possession of their reason, scratched wills and power of attorney etc. on their Etch-a -Sketches. For most red blooded Americans the end of summer vacation was dreaded. But these instructors are in a whimpering funk over the prospect of returning to work. Like a small child who has lost a beloved pet.when-a-student-comes-to-school-sick-teacher-memes

Children have been getting a 99% pass as they appear exempt from the wholesale ransacking of vital organs.  There are many formulas for conveying information from instructor to student. Of course, DOING SOMETHING AND GETTING IT WRONG ia better than  DOING NOTHING but  wait FOR A MIRACLE… 

The melodrama being acted out in reaction to the prospect of returning to school is an example of distorted reasoning.  The level of influence instructors have over the intellectual development of our youth, such sophomoric slop is terrifying to the marrow.


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