These dangerous individuals have had their site on Facebook shut down. The reason given was that they are a danger to the public ! Of the few billion Face bookers out there these two particular conservative black women pose an actionable threat

This kind of sour grapes on the part of the Snowflake brigade makes Snickerburges algorithms calibrated to ditch conservative speech. This may seem a petty thing. But it was important enough someone took action to ban the two bloggers.

Is that censorship????


Diamond and Silk


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Remember when cola machines would pump your dollar bill back out when it couldn’t read it right and its tiny electronic brain suspected foul play? Well my little organic sensors are spitting this article back out. Is there really a grand liberal plot to take down this president or am I just reading the facts wrong. Cause my brain is pushing this bill of goods back out at such a velocity I have this picture of “the girls” flying around the room! Klikdapik for this little nugget!