After hearing the word collusion 5 Bazillion times in connection with Trumps name, you could hear the crickets chirping for the past couple of days. The confirmation of nothing having developed, the Oak Island of Democratic digging, the pot at the end of Pelosi’s rainbow, the apple of Schumer’s eye,  has not made a ripple in the Mainstream Medias fondest dreams of Trump destroyed. That great Lib hope of collusion has been the feast of nightly news. But since the revelation of a bucket of nothing after two years of investigation and millions of bucks spent, and over 2000 minutes of reporting, not a minute has been spent broadcasting Trumps innocence. HMMMMMM.   WHASSSSSAAAAAP?

On the other end of the ethical spectrum, The Washington Post ran an exoneration of the Covington boys the following day. The mad rush to judgment in the first few hours of the incident confirms what the average citizen already knows.  People don’t pay to find out everything is OK, they pay to see the blood flow.  Interested only when there is trouble,  people slow down to get a look at car accidents….. not salvage yards. Car accidents sell, salvage yards don’t. So any addendum to a story that corrects an error is an ethical achievement.

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