All “right thinking” people should watch these vids.  One presents a image of a hypocrite trying to get a ghetto pass by mimicking a person of a different race and culture. The second is Candace Owen reaction to such a relationship between the Decratiac party and Afrucan Anerucans. She quickly lists a series of problems foisted upon the black community in orfer to keep them beholding to the Decrats.Albeit it is a reaction to statements that are not included in this video, but the ideas in question are very clearly stated in an articulate and impassioned manner. The moments when I have seen English speaking talking heads and politicians that sound like they suddenly switched cultures are an insult to the intelligence of anyone who happens to bear witness  to silly (embarrassing) moments like those provided by Joe Biden when he took a shot at sounding  like a Black minister to a room full of African-Americans,

Below  is Candace Owens response to such pandering. I have to admit I have a political crush on Candace. But she is right on the money in her observations.

Such pandering as Biden sputters in the first vid is the language of the Democrat speaking to a group he feels  is firmly ensconced on the Democrat plantation.The general insult,  felt to the core, is based  on the presumption that the average black can’t tell when a white man is mimicking a black, “holy roller” minister. No one likes being talked down to. And those who think they can get away with it should know the audience never misses it and the underlying message that they are too dumb to catch it.

Walk Away

Brandon Straka has been quite vocal about his personal revelation concerning his drastic change of heart and the strange transmutation of the so called Democratic party and Liberalism in America. In writing the preface I considered two things, 1. Is this vid so strident in it’s condemnation of the direction the Dems have taken in recent decades. 2. Is Mr. Straka’s delivery too “in your face.” Will he be considered part of the privileged white male cabal that is threatening to pee in everyone’s Cheerios?

1: My conviction to illuminate current trends is more of a burden than benefit. I could just “go with the flow,” and cull favor with the left, or press the issue with the perspective that you can only gain by living a long time and seeing history happen.

2: Mr. Straka is gay so his credibility is beyond reproach. If he were a white male heterosexual I would be in real trouble.