Are we Doomed to Repeat It?


Just Klikdapik if you want the word on the offensive confederate statues that have blighted the land and caused proper ‘Southern Belles’ to get the ‘vapors ‘ . Such a bronze graffiti cannot be left to traumatize another generation of snowflakes, as they have for the last 100+ years.
We can only hope that others will learn from our example and destroy religious stuff. These images in particular offend my Secular humanistic sensitivities……

Of course the authors feelings could not be more opposed to my facetious chirping above. The greatness and folly of mankind’s mark upon history, the depth and richness of the culture are brought to life in these icons. Right or wrong they are our history….about us.

Hello my name is Winston Smith. I have a good government job. I rewrite history, so that it will match and support the beliefs of the present and create a history that suits our needs. Have a good day!  But remember,  (whispered)” Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”



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