ASHURA…..Just Like Christmas!


Ashura. It’s just like Christmas but with out the lights, Santa Clause, presents, mistletoe, a message of peace on earth and good will toward men. Hell it’s not even burdened by Jesus hanging around in the shadows.  Now Ashura does celebrate  the martyrdom of Husain, Grandson of Big Mo. Ashura is great entertainment as a spectator sport in that there is a lot of action as men and male children flay, lacerate, fillet, scalp, gouge, cut by knife, shards of glass, all forms of cat ‘o’ nine tails which can be made with items ranging broken glass or sharp metal shards. Loads of family fun, deep bonding as you slice open you’re grandbaby’s scalp to get that measure of blood that qualifies him as a true believer.


See the source image

You don’t want to get your cat ‘o’ nine tails tangled in your hair. It’s just a little embarrassing.

Image result for chioldren on ashuraCharacter building!

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