Cities Underwater

New York has always been known to be expensive to live in. But the burden has become too great for both businesses and individuals. They flee toward my neck of the woods, Texas Oklahoma etc. in the southwest. Oklahoma was thought wicked because it is an open shop state and trade unions are not unduly accommodated. Texas has no income tax at all! And Texas is the real destination for business and individuals fleeing draconian tax burdens.

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“BAMA  Plans on executive action in changing gun laws.

Texas Governor Challenges Obama on Gun Control: 'Come and Take It'Tex Gov. Gregg Abbot advises Obama on where he can store the gun legislation. “First you should fold it four ways and then !@#$%%^&!  Come and get them!” (The guns that is).

It seems the honeymoon is over. But not to worry too much. Like everything Mr. Obama does he is long on lecture and short on real effect. Executive orders are only applicable to federal employees. The states have naught to fret over, they can just refuse to enforce the edict. And they can all stand, face DC.,  and say nanny, nanny boo-boo !