The Sacred Cow …..KAPUT!


There, before me, I saw a sacred cow drop dead. It is the instinctive reaction to trust the FBI to pursue wrong-doing without passion or prejudice. Politicians could come and go but the career boys at the Federal Bureau of Investigation would save the day and fight injustice without regard to politics.

So this is the end of innocence. My naiveté’  destroyed; Ephraim Zimbalist Jr. (star of the series “The FBI”) is spinning like a top in his grave.  KLIKDAPIK below and find out.

The Gestapo of Nazi Germany during WWII is what happens when a policing organization is the running-dog-lackey, of a corrupt administration.


Versions of the Truth

Well, how many discussions about the ”nature of truth” or “what, exactly, is a lie?” do we have to slug through to get to the only answer? Truth is truth. The consequences may differ, but the essence is immutable. If it has the nature of deception as the crux of the conversation, it is a lie.

Create a past. Play with the language, set the masses against each other.  Get out that old dog-eared copy of ‘1984′ and follow the instructions for building a new society!