Ex.  Royal Canadian Mounty Ret.  and Sgt. at Arms of the Canadian Parliament, Kevin Vickers got a rousing standing ovation (and desk-lid banging)  from the Canadian Parliament. He carried the moment with dignity.  No ‘spiking the ball’ behavior of self congratulation.His deportment, restraint and humility  spoke simple elegance  to the masculine mission “to stand in harms way”. The  moment was historic. 

New York: Man attacks cops with hatchet, police investigating possible tie to Islamic State calls for jihad attacks against police

Hatchet attack in New York  one officer critical, one with lesser, (but serious) injuries.


Martin Rouleau

Jihadi action two days ago: Two victims run down with a car. Looks like a 60’s bad Spy movie uber-villian. HOW ACCOMODATING =)


“Workplace violence” Spreading as an Epidemic into The New World


About five days ago ISIS sent out the call for a general fatwah to kill infidels “anyway you could”. One way mentioned was automotive attack. Carried out by a Canadian Jihadi who ran down two soldiers killing one and injuring the other. Essentially a  general ZOMBIE call to arms has been made. And they are coming out of the walls.


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