An ex U.N. nuclear inspector is offering that Iran is just a couple of months from nuclear grade plutonium in quantities large enough to worry about. Iran, the founder of the feast in ushering in the age of Islamic regression. Regression is an operationally definable term. There is nothing in any social movement in Islam that evolves forward in any way. No point of conflict is resolved, no one accepts, compromises or concedes. All wounds are fresh. As fresh as the last time they opened the Koran, For the commands therein re-open the wounds throughout the ages. A toxicity that is awesome in it’s virulence. The movement is a devolution toward the 6th century and the “Golden Era” of Arabian primacy.
The regression is toward the more primitive culture of the Arabian peninsula circa 600C.E.. The stoning, amputating and beating Sharia will dictate law. A caliphate rules the world.
The Iranian regime as it stands identifies itself with the apocalyptic vision of the “Return of the 12th imam”. It is when this being, infused with esoteric knowledge will preside over the destruction of Israel and the world. They are going to have a nuclear bomb in a couple of months. So Hillary, I hope you let the Israelis do them. Please look away at the appropriate moments please Hillary!

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