That idiot Bush stated that this was a different kind of war. The idiot was right again. When France was liberated by allied forces in WWII it was over. The French knew what it was to be free, and when they were liberated they returned to a lifestyle they knew. The Afghan people we would liberate have no idea what freedom is. Where tribalism prevails, in particular where religious culture supports such a lifestyle, no other form of social contract can exist.  The war that Bush described is a long haul commitment.

A Moment of Clarity


Hammer says sorry for the sloppy posting pattern of late. I have been in the process of tweaking the site to better serve my needs and have neglected daily postings etc.
To this point I have not promoted the site at all. This afforded me the comfort of anonymity as I fiddled with the particulars. But,since I have opened it up to the public in a couple of areas, all of a sudden what I doing is being observed!

After a series of strokes, after fighting with the doctors for  five years, trying to work them through their obsessive focus on political crusades. If I grew a second head out of my rectum my two physicians would have insisted it was a result of smoking.
“Two family deaths, unexpected and sudden. My mother died of sepsis related to a small wound she had concealed (she had a thing about going to doctors). My older brother followed her from an aneurism that popped three months after my mothers funeral. During this period I had my appendix rupture because I misdiagnosed it as an old hernia. My thoracic cavity filled with my own feces for a about 6 days. Almost dead.
My older brother blew an aneurism and passed. Three strokes followed one every few months. I am the last male alive in my family. None of us, my father two brothers and my uncles never made it passed 62 years of age.
Age 6 months: cerebro-spinal meningitis. My back flexed so severely the back of my head was a couple of inches from touching my heals.
Age13: Right foot pulled off.
A morass of  of 12 cars totaled, bar fights, jail cell power struggles, shot at (missed),couple road-blocks run etc. etc..
A year and a half ago I was 255 pounds, with my blood pressure ranging around 215/110. Having developed peripheral neuropathy I was on over 500 ml of oxycodone a day. The Oxycodone had the effect of chemically castrating me. A year and a half ago my wife had more testosterone in her body than I did. Note: (You can still have a sex life when you have no male hormones left). Any way after five years of begging for a conclusion other than smoking for my various maladies, I was tested and came up a steer.

I am now at 0 (zero) ml. of Oxy a day. Withdraw is a charm that has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. My testosterone is at healthy levels.  My life has taken a total turn around now that I have my hormones back! “Yeah baby!”

I started testosterone about a year and a half ago. Now  I am 185 lbs. now, blood pressure 120/70 or so, Working out with weights, stronger faster better than I have been since I was 20 years old. My blood work is following the profile of a teen-age male on cholesterol as well as a plethora of other blood levels coming up in ranges akin to those of a 18 year old.  (With commensurate bump to the ol’ libido tee hee.
Well I have stood face to face with my mortality. I intend on using every moment till I “shuffle off this mortal coil..”
What do you do when you have been humbled by life and want to live each day to the fullest. So I bring a warning about the fate of our civilization. We are living in Castles in the clouds, at a time when self-deception is seen as  a  vital social skill.
Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope this “blog thing” finds some success. I hope you will interested on my take of the world. For me, every day is another challenge. I thank God for the melee! It is nice, quiet and soooooo uneventful….if your a cadaver. So Hammer says: Don’t be a cadaver, fight the good fight with me…get in the game!…things have never been more clearly defined. Hammer says RIDE TO THE SOUND OF THE GUNS!



Once in a while, it is juuuuuuuussssstttt right, Please, The Hammer invites you to sit down, take off your shoes, sip some grimaldi and savor this little vid several times.
NOTE: The hand-shake, waving as well as other forms of public greeting developed as a way of showing that no weapon was being held as two people met each other. Basic public behavior, (politeness) has deteriorated because open display and portage’ of weapons is
no longer a common practice.


The “Faux outrage” at the IRS abuse of power.

It would be humorous if it weren’t so embarrassing. Yes, embarrassing! I am embarrassed for histories sake. He has never made anything better. He has never offered wisdom compelling enough to quell dissent. Never offerd a straight apology for any word or deed. He has never consented to humble himself before his place in history.



You mean Obama LIED?

The first time he lied and was discovered it was a shock, Ya knew it was something unexpected and until now, unusual for Obama to decieve us. Now, after we have been dragged through every “Gypsies stole it. Aliens abducted me and they are in possession of it and won’t give it back. The dog ate my homework.” Eyes wide with shock at the first turn down the country lane. Barely a twitch is registered or a brow arched now that he has exposed his menagerie of wicked lies.