This is a sad story of the results of social engineering and the more despicable angels of our nature. King County near Seattle Washington, refused to notify ICE they had this MS13 member in their custody a couple of times. In effect, they assisted  a convicted felons  attempts to flee justice a multiple of times. The consequences were particularly bad for the young man the next victim, beaten with a ball bat, had his throat cut  first and then he was cut to pieces with a machete. KLIKDAPIK for more…….

A stock photo of a man holding a machete.

A good thing about machetes and baseball bats is that you never run out of ammunition, and malfunctions on your bat or blade are rare. I didn’t know that they could do that. I had no idea that refusing to cooperate with federal Marshals was allowed to go un punished. If I had  run onto this event as a child I would have felt very insecure. How could one wing of law enforcement be nullified by another? In response to political badmouthing. NO legislation, no investigation, no semblance of due process, just insubordination and interference with apprehension. Why was this murderer inconvenienced in the first place. Why didn’t the municipalities in question just release him when they found out that he was an illegal alien in the first moments of police contact. It would surely have been less of a hassle for the felon. And ICE would have not had to drag their butts out of the sack to come and fail to pick him up.

No legal action was taken. The ICE people were just ignored and that was the end of the story…………………..accept for the guy that got beaten and hacked to death.   OH! Well!


The pik below is of a caravan of mid-Americans halfway through Mexico heading north……toward me! This will not stand! So I have contacted the folks at ICE and we are having part of the mass culled out and sent to a sanctuary city. San Diego is one designated point of arrival. At least it is the point of arrival after Border Enforcement helps them off the plane. Three times a week families will be brought to the self-identified “sanctuary city”, San Diego, in Sanctuary state California, for discharge onto the streets. I tingle in anticipation of the possible NIMBY, (Not In My Back Yard), reaction that will ring from the hillsides as the so called “safe havens” learn that you don’t get a merit badge from tall talk and empty promises.