Congreswoman Rashida Tlaib , in light of her anti-Semitism and support for the BDS movement (boycott,divest, sanction) against Israel was denied entry into Israel in the company of her cohort and fellow anti-Semite Ilhan Omar. Tlaib submitted a request to see her grandmother, living on the west bank, on  humanitarian grounds stating, “It might be my last chance to se her.” She was granted admission. Then she denied that she was going to Israel at all.

The response from the Israelis was incredulous. So she was willing to give up an opportunity to see her granddmother for political reasons. In other words, her hatred of Israel outweighed her love for her grandmother..

It is obvious that Tlaib  wanted the Israelis to deny her entry on her request to see her G-ma. The it would be great fodder for vilifying the Israelis as unloving toward grandmas. But then…..woops! not everyone is as bitter as you are Rashida. They gave you what you asked for. Not what you wanted. So much for cheap-shot sniping.

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