Existential Threat with Sprinkles

A few days ago I responded to the ridicules claim Rashida Tlaib made in praising Palestinians for providing a “safe haven” for Jewish refugees during and after the holocaust. The “warm feelings” she asserted she had when thinking about the holocaust come not from  thoughts of those saved from the grips of Nazis, but thoughts relished for the smell of Jews burning in the ovens of Auschwitz.

Punching holes in such a ridicules statement is not hard; no scholar is needed to recount the abysmal behavior of all Muslim participants from the sale of the area by the remnants of the Ottoman Empire to the British. to the present combative relationship.  The article linked below is much more detailed and informative than my little abstract. It reveals an almost constant existential threat pressed upon the new state of Israel since its genesis both before and after World War 2. KLIKDAPIK and get edified.

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