The prodigal child……….

So I am sitting on a sheet of plywood laid across a couple of saw horses to serve as a makeshift table. “Speed” Defenbaugh grunted when I declared that it was getting harder to find construction work with the increasing number of Hispanics willing to undercut our wages. Speed was real slow…..Get it? OH Well. You just have to be brain damaged to get the humor.

ICE Raid Food Processing Plant

Fact is that there are no classes of job that Americans won’t take. Children are the great humblers in our society. The kids need to be fed. With no regard for your “image”, or your pride, or self respect,……whatever. The kids need to be fed. This is an absolute. Negotiations are not welcome. As a  man who used to stand his pants up in the corner after taking them off in the evening I know just how far you are willing to wander looking for food for the kids. My pants, covered in lambs blood, coagulated on the ride home and were stiff by the time we arrived..

I am here to testify to the grim fact that if there is nothing else, available, anything will have to do. 


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