The KKK Makin’ Busts

The general level of personal character has plummeted. I have seen bad politics. From the convention riots in ’68 to Bill Clintons redefining what “sexual” behavior means.  Call me old fashioned but blow jobs are just as much a sexual activity as intercourse. I could fill a book just naming the political unrest I have born witness to in my sixty-some years on the globe. Anybody remember the Watts Riots?

But I have never seen such a deterioration of civility outside of a Banana Republic on fire.  Next to come are star chambers and kangaroo courts?

Verbal  savagery is endemic to the socialist personality on attack.. In the socialist mind, he/she is advocating for the underdog, oppressed by the “man”.  In order for there to be an oppressed, there must be an oppressor. This oppressor must be vilified as a monster. So the name calling.  Because those represented must be terribly put-upon and the reply must drip with the righteous rage of one who has been terribly wronged.

Thus comparisons…..  the KKK or Nazis or Satan or…..well you can just fill in the blank. The charming pik below is inked to an article that addresses the issue of comparing ICE with the KKK.


Kamala Harris wags finger (Chip Somodevilla / Getty)

Please do not mistake the last paragraph of the linked article as this authors final word. That dubious distinction belongs wholly to Ms. Harris. There is nothing wrong with ICE that would require more than a enhanced awareness of their public relations and greater sensitivity to the collateral damage that can be done to family members  while they make their apprehensions. In other words. If grandma or the kids are rudely awakened…..don’t make the bust. Re-creating Immigration and Customs Enforcement from scratch is just demagogic  bullshit.

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