Omar and Tlaib Take on Their Detractors

The playbook for Jihad includes a move for turning things around when you are caught doing what you do. When you are discovered under the train trestle, tying dynamite to the cross sections that hold the train-bridge together, you burst into tears at the bullying in  high school that got you to take such desperate action! The ultimate destination never ends with the personal responsibility train pulling into your station. with responsibility laid at your doorstep……. all guilt and all culpability go to the victim. The perpetrator, “poor dear”  is merely reacting defensively to an intolerable situation!

Just a Little Nugget

Here’s a little nugget: Irony, a sweet revenge of time. Remember ‘Bimbo eruptions” being a problem during Bills campaign? Remember how ferociously Bill and Hill tried to discredit, nay, destroy the almost constant flow of females pointing the finger at hubby for all manner of infidelities, rapes and near rapes (in at least one case a bloody lip was sustained by one of the so-called bimbos).

How will she handle a question directed toward the fact that she lied and denied to protect the perp. Her husband. At the time,…..President of the United States……  Of America….

Yeah she said that women who cry rape should be believed and listened to.