Pelosi at the Border?

Below is pictured Nancy Pelosi, (shown holding hands with Carlos Marx) visiting a caravan at the southern border of her back yard. Our reporters were not allowed closer to the Congress woman than this, but something about mowing her lawn a “bit shorter next time.”  was overheard by our correspondent.  In fact just Klikdapik to see the invitation sent to Ms. Pelosi by local ranchers.


Bad News from the Border (Duh)

Bodies  hit the ground in Sonora, a Mexican state snuggled against the U.S. cartel activity is presently spiking. It is just a easy step to the north to be standing on American soil. The pile of caravan migrants and bodies (some without heads) is getting harder and harder for Ms. Pelosi and her ilk to ignore.

Cartel violence escalates in the Mexican border state of Sonora.



If I ever have a dull moment and need a good laugh I just throw in a video of college students being interviewed and pressed on anything that requires that they know something. Of course their parents and instructors should be fired. They allowed their children to come to adulthood knowing nothing abut the real world.

In a little trip back to a few months ago, we hear some other recipients of HIGHER education and their opinion on Trumps pick for supreme court. This is BEFORE he made the decision

Migrant Remorse


“Be careful what you pray for.”  Merkals “open border” policy has bit her on the ass.Just a little blurb about Merkals call to the EU to help “strengthen up borders to curtail illegal immigration









It appears that Europe has wakened to it’s false hopes of a fairytale end to it’s embrace of migrants from the middle east war zone entering the more affluent European countries. A force of ten thousand is suggested as a stop-gap border patrol.



Strange shift at EU: Crackdown on illegal immigration, plans for 10,000-strong armed border fenceKLIKIT

Hungary, insists it will not be a country of migrants in no uncertain terms. It is also assuming a stance of independence from the influence of the EU. Sanctions are being considered by the EU to coerce Hungary into knuckeling under to their migrant policies.

KLIKITHungary’s Orban to EU: “You condemn us because we are not a nation of migrants”