But Ocifer I dnt ddrop a ddrink!

WHAT DID SHE JUST SAY? DID SHE JUST  STOP OFF FOR A WEE  BIT OF THE DOG THAT BIT HER?  Is babbling incoherently the last redoubt for the befuddled mind of the liberal? Cuz I can’t understand her. If you can follow her line of thought and gain some information let me know. 


She Sells Sea shells……….?

My spouse and I cared for her father for the last two years of his life. He suffered dementia. Early signs of his progressing brain dysfunction included memory lapses, tremors, large and fine motor dysfunction as well as slurring of speech. Ms. Pelosi, regrettably, shows similar symptoms. Even though I am very much opposed to her politics, (which are slipping farther and farther left), I would wish her no physical harm. .

But Ms. Pelosi’s dubious cognitive and physical problems should be monitored very closely. Too many symptoms,  Too many memory and attention deficits. Too much power in her trembling hands.

Pelosi at the Border?

Below is pictured Nancy Pelosi, (shown holding hands with Carlos Marx) visiting a caravan at the southern border of her back yard. Our reporters were not allowed closer to the Congress woman than this, but something about mowing her lawn a “bit shorter next time.”  was overheard by our correspondent.  In fact just Klikdapik to see the invitation sent to Ms. Pelosi by local ranchers.



For many years the creature under the bed of many conservatives is the multi- billionaire George Soros. It is particularly pleasurable outing this hypocrite because he has culled as much airtime has he could in subsidizing the left and enjoys being a figurehead, “Big Daddy Deep-Pockets, and all around darling of the left. 

The speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi asserts that walls are immoral and at the time  of this writing she is dug in and refusing to negotiate with the Whitehouse on funding a barrier along the southern border. At present there is another caravan of migrants assembling at the border of Guatemala, intent marching on our southern border in the hope crossing into American territory. Below is a cute rough cut of activists making a point on Ms. Pelosi’s front lawn.