Representative Jihad

When you walk into her office you will see a map on the wall. A post-it covers the state of Israel on the map.  Palestine is written on it (no space left for Israel).  Rashid Tlaib, our representative from the  great state of Islam is pushing to sever educational ties with Israel by trying to end the “Study Abroad Program”  Pfizer College shares with the Jewish state. The college president Melvin Oliver, rejects the vote as prejudiced.

Tlaib, known for announcing that she was going to “Impeach the motherf—kr”, (President Trump),  is getting involved with international politics rather quickly after having been elected to congress. And it seems international means anything that hurts Israel’s relationship with the U.S..


Yazidi Sex Slave Burns her Burka!

The Koran refers to them as “possessions of the right hand”. A possession of the right hand refered to women and girls captured as booty. Either by war or strong arm robbery females were often kept as sex slaves by Mohammed and his cohorts. ISIS being practitioners of that “good ol’ time religion” took much booty from the populations unfortunate enough to fall to them…….Klikdapik for vid and text…….

Israa had been taken to ISIS's last pocket of territory, around Baghouz in Syria, before being driven out by the terrorists, then escaping them and fleeing to the Kurds

Below,  an Iranian woman is taken into custody by the morality police for not wearing a hijab. One is stricken by the violence of the handlers. The vid is self explanatory. Again it begs the question; Why don’t we hear the otherwise ubiquitous women’s movement condemning such scenes. Yes it’s not in America, and there is little chance this will happen here, but with all the globalism pushed since the Obama administration you would think that they would bark just a little bit at the plight of a few hundred million of there gender mates.

EL Isisi Kickin’ It !!!!!

We ego maniacs always have those moments when we shout, “See, see, I was right all along!” The reversal of the abortive election of the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt and the subsequent crackdown by El Assisi  to impose order confirm the extremist nature of the brotherhood. About a decade ago I came upon information concerning the Brotherhood and have felt like the lone voice in the wilderness.  Well PFFFFFFFTTT (raspberries) to you all, doubters and cynics. I was right. KLIKDAPIK for more.

The State Media Snaps Together like a Transformer Toy

Tucker Carlson strikes me as the type who would not associate with “my type” in the halls of high school. He just seems a little….I am not sure, but occasionally he hits the mark and in the video below he defiantly scores one for clearly describing the monolithic nature of present day News Media in America. You will have to pause for a few seconds on the intro to his monologue, for a teaser concerning celeb gunk upcoming, but the monologue is worth the trip..

The Prom Queen Speaks!

As patriarch of a brood of five daughters I count myself as an expert on the behavior of females in early adolescence. Judging from the conversational “mulligan stew” expressed in the linked article, Ms. Cortez is working from a 13 year old girls emotional age and verbal skills. KLIKDAPIK it’s a pleasant article (with vid).

What Privilege?

I have been, regrettably, blind to white privilege. I just don’t see it. I lived through the sixties and saw the dogs set on the blacks, the marches and heard the most vile vitriol from bigots willing to kill to hold on to their prejudice.  Now things are better.  Now I am hearing more about racism than I heard about in the sixties.  I am seeing no evidence of it. But the folks on the left seem to be able to see what I cannot. I hear things about “dog whistles”, and “white privilege” but cannot remember ever having been aware of these arcane methods of oppression. Is there a de-coder ring in this box of Cracker Jacks?  

The Gifts of the Left

This video is a gift for all of those who were a little reluctant when they voted for Trump. I was one of those short sighted people who were uncomfortable with his less than presidential demeanor.  Now that I have seen the Herculean fight he is putting up to do what is right for this country I have gained a lot of respect for him. You go Trump! The following vid is very amusing and somewhat informative. But sometimes you have got to take life a little less seriously……..

Jesus Had No Jihad

I have observed through the 40 years that I have been intimately involved with Islam that about every daily activity is mentioned in the Koran. Much of the imperatives harken to Bedouin  practices indigenous to the desert nomads of Arabia, some refer to Jewish practices and some from Christian. Much is made of practices that are considered halal (forbidden) and the punishments for infractions. The miserable status of women is boldly upheld with women considered nothing more than property. Overall the Koran is a book that is “in the world” rather than in the realm of the spirit.

Jesus was a Jew, and much of his background refers to his Jewish heritage. His salient message was quite revolutionary for the day. At a time when all communities that expected to survive  had walls to defend against attack. Armies and gangs roamed the land and it was common for a community to be eradicated, the population killed or sold into slavery. “Might Makes Right” was the guiding principle of the age. Jesus brought a truly revolutionary message in his “New Covenant” with the world;  to love your enemies, to turn the cheek when struck, rather than lash out, to forgive the transgressions of others and to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Spiritual messages,  truly  revolutionary ideas..

Mohammed’s message sounds like marching orders from a commanding general; who to kill, who to shame, who to dominate and make their inferior status felt by humiliating treatment etc…Mohammed kept rape slaves, took part in mass executions (beheadings), of helpless prisoners, raided caravans for loot and advised all Muslims to kill Jews because they were Jewish.

Bias? Who? Me?

The link below points to a phenomena only the dead could not be aware of. But here is the ugly picture of the “fourth estate” selling out to the liberal snipe hunt for a reason to impeach. In fact Wolf Blitzer is even giving the marching orders to get it on and go ahead and impeach. the stats, as further explicated in the article linked are damning  

Hear are the Pythons in full inquisitional garb! GET IT?

Love in the Tomb

“Jew Haters of America”  is moving it’s meeting to the cloakroom of Congress. David Duke will be there and the M.C. will be Ilan Oman. Topics include. Fairytale hour with Nancy Pelosi reading stories such as :If   the Jew your torturing doesn’t give u the dinars, take his wife as a rape-slave after you kill him and personally take part in the beheading of over 600 innocent Jews of the village you are plundering.. Afternoon activities include how to hang a black, and cross burning 101.

A thoroughly feminized America awaits the next move of the Alpha males in the Jihad.