Abandon All hope Those Who Pass through These Gates


Above is a picture of how I feel about certain changes that WordPress.com has slipped into the editorial content. To make a long story short I can no longer find a way to install picks that one can click on and connect with a related story elsewhere.  While this is limiting, it does compel me to more carefully study the information I read and bring more of my own rhetoric to bare in commenting on the world.

I am getting better though, I only sulked and fiddled with the settings for a couple of days and have come to the conclusion that I must press on, that this is an opportunity not a limitation. Lets see where I go. You may get hopelessly lost. I know I am.




Back in the day, ‘as they say’ we were hot to trot and wanted to ‘get laid’ or ‘get a piece of ass’. Then, as we became more evolved, the more sensitive men learned that these are rather crude, even insulting ways of referring  to seeking a person who was willing to have intercourse with us. So as were pouring  on the cologne and otherwise readying ourselves for the hunt, we would smile and say “yea gonna’ go out and talk some trash!     .”Women were supposed to have the option of saying a resounding “NO!” If they didn’t want the deal. Nuff said…..maybe a suicide upon rare occasion. Women were supposed to be the custodian of virtue and in control of their more base sexual drives. Then such  gentlemen  as Mr Hefnercame along and we had a full-fledged “sexuall revolution.”      In many ways it was a step we were not ready to take. As a survivor of the ’70s I remember the rather sloppy excess of sexuality that soon appeared garish and self conscious as the 80’s loomed at the vanishing-point on a horizon defined by AIDs and Crack Coke. Needless to say the party train slowed just a little bit.

Cussing, smoking , scratching your ass and coming on to potential sexual partners with the delicacy of a battering ram are just a few areas where women have mistaken bad manners for liberation. The fact is that (should I be walking down the ole’ boardwalk ) I would get a swat in the back of the head if I were hock a screaming – yellow – zonker  on it. It seems quite clear that assuming all the aggressive, (and most often undesirable  behaviors) of men is equal to personal empowerment to your average Andrea Dorken type.. It is not that liberation means assuming the aggression of males as much as it means that men abandon the condescending culture that pats the little woman on the head and sends her on her way.

Your average 14 yea old male,

Your average 14 year old female We have evolved through almost constant titillation, through all forms of media, movies, magazines, television and of course, the internet to a point where our youngest and most vulnerable are encouraged to present sexually arousing dress. It is not the child’s fault, they have not contrived to look like older sexually ready females. There has been at least two generations of parents who have destroyed the boundaries between parent and child. The distance that should be maintained between a child and the person who teaches, guides and most importantly punishes the child has been vilified. What is abuse? What is punishment? I as father of 5 females have found only a few reasons that were best sorted out by spankings among various other time outs and privileges withheld, I have been threatened with the police by my own children! The notion that the child can call the law on the parents came from her school. Schools taught by people who owe more to their union than they do to the child’s parents, have a possessive attitude toward all the children in their possession.   God help the child in the above pik, looking sheepish and naïve. She is giving hard core messages with her dress and is  left to deal with whatever reaction to her message of sexuality inspires in any male that sees her. It could be the gentalman in the pik below!  As As nation we have, in increasing steps sexualized the environment our children are raised in. A young psyche cannot fend off the constant sexual images and messages flooding from media outlets. They come to young adulthood with the impression the only worth they have is sexual attractiveness. Intellect, morality, athletic ability, dependability are meaningless in this culture. Being Hip ,slick, and cool are the  strongest signposts of excellence. The deeply emotional effects of sexual intercourse have never been imparted to our youth. Our daughters have not been taught to deal with the shame that keeps them silent. and increases sense of worthlessness  and adds to their confusion after they have been sexualy abused.

As a counselor I have seen an increasing number of males who brag about hitting their girlfriends. And young females often see nothing wrong, (as long as she deserved it). The notion that a male should be strong and when needed aggressive has been turned around. I was taught (in my ancient generation) that a mans strength was meant to be brought to bare when others who were weaker than us needed protection. Our strength was not meant to suppress our loved ones but protect them. Any special place men hold in the family is tied to his willingness to stand in harms way for his wife and children. This is his primary mission. Just as childbearing is the prime directive for the female counterpart. Of course I rush to assure the reader that women are capable of doing any task placed upon them by our society with the exception  of many tasks a that require heavy-duty physical strength.

Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton are some lead characters in cast of evil  men of privilege using their position to coerce sexual favors from those with less power. Such men have been abusing their position since Caligula. Some  things that will slow down this kind of behavior include intact families with two parents that have good moral compasses . Healthy families,(a family is only as sick as it’s secrets), that teach their children what behaviors to tolerate and those you should speak up about is a good start. Good  fathers are an area of importance in these times. The government is a poor substitute for a parent and the notion Pushed by most governmental organizations  that fathers are of marginal importance. The historically recent  experiment in paying women to get along without males produces generations of grown men who have the emotional mentality of  a five year old with a narcissistic sense of privilege. GOOD GOD! Even hang-dog Charlie Rose got canned for sexual harassment !! (Pik)

The raw facts reveal that this is a problem that will not go away any time soon. Each generation has it’s share of bad guys and commensurate bad behavior. It is also true that a good strong (supportive) family is the best defense against such misbehavior. As the father of five femals I see that after dark, each  female who goes to the Quick-Shop on the corner is accompanied by a male. If this seems condescending…… to bad. I never develop the Herculean denial skills that other folks have. I still believe that men should protect women. No matter how much I am marginalized and despised by the very women I seek to protect. 



A Bit of the Truth


This gentleman is a righteous dude. He is my son-in-law.

Beyonce klikdapik Anthony Williams – Tempe Lake, Az.


The old saying is ‘The road to ‘hell is paved with good intentions’  and I cannot know the deeper motivations of those who advocate for one cause or another. But my gut, (when you trust your gut you are seldom wrong) turns and tells me that Bouncy and Jazzy (below) are another pair of rich Limousine Liberals who buy a righteous  image with a wad of their limitless funds tossed in the right direction with cameras always in attendance.



Welcome In



The gentleman pictured below was a man of the cloth. He was not passing pamphlets or selling cookies and the cloth he holds is meant to strangle another victim.  He belonged to a cult that worshipped a God named  Mother Kali (god of destruction) It was the original “strangler cult” Thuggee or Tuggee (Hindi for ‘deciever’)  loosely depicted in the film “India Jones and the Temple of Doom.”   Early origins were connected to Muslim tribes with Hindu connections eventually established later in their 500+ hundred years of activities on the Indian sub-continent.    In the mid-18th century India they were finally tracked down and shot like dogs by the Brits. Thuggees typical tactic was to befriend travelers on the road and strangle them for booty when they had gained their trust.  would befriend travelers on their journey, befriend them and gain their trust. Cords with prescribed knots were used in breaking the victims trachea.  Kali was their ruling diety, a  goddess of death. Killing the innocent was his worship. Obviously, the term ‘thug’ finds it origin in reference to this group. Would you let this type across your borders on the basis of a lottery?



What is religion? I thought it had something to do with service to others. I thought it was a path to the love of life and brotherhood of our fellow pilgrims on our trek through life?   Will we still stand in harms way, for those who cannot?…  Chivalry dead?  Is sacrifice for the greater good inheriting the wind?

Please clik the pick below. Then clik the link listed on the yahoo page it  connects to, Just a little (aggravating) glitch..

A photograph from the St Charles County police department shows Sayfullo Saipov, the man suspected of killing eight people in New York.


It seems there are many who believe there is nothing precious enough to defend?  Could it be that there is nothing greater than service to self above all others?  Does might really make right?

I cannot believe in the equity between Islam and the Judeo-Christian character. Cultures are not equal. Some are better than others and the proof is in the product of their labor.

The patriarchs of Communism postulated that they might have to build a wall around Russia to keep the beleaguered masses of Democracy from flooding into the country once they found out what a good deal you get from communism. When (for different reasons) they built the Berlin wall, it was to prevent an exodus out not into the Soviet Union. I surmise it was a short list of people shot trying to climb over the wall from West Berlin to East Berlin. Now take a look at the middle east. Does it seem things are just hunky-dory in the Muslim world?

Was it a Methodist monster who ran down the innocents of New York?








Are we Doomed to Repeat It?


Just Klikdapik if you want the word on the offensive confederate statues that have blighted the land and caused proper ‘Southern Belles’ to get the ‘vapors ‘ . Such a bronze graffiti cannot be left to traumatize another generation of snowflakes, as they have for the last 100+ years.
We can only hope that others will learn from our example and destroy religious stuff. These images in particular offend my Secular humanistic sensitivities……

Of course the authors feelings could not be more opposed to my facetious chirping above. The greatness and folly of mankind’s mark upon history, the depth and richness of the culture are brought to life in these icons. Right or wrong they are our history….about us.

Hello my name is Winston Smith. I have a good government job. I rewrite history, so that it will match and support the beliefs of the present and create a history that suits our needs. Have a good day!  But remember,  (whispered)” Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”



Our Savior the Buboes


So what’s the beef? There are far too many people right now. The results of the great “black death” outbreaks during the middle ages trimmed back an over-populated Europe to a point that people could feed themselves and their families again.  After the decay of Rome, Europe became a ghetto of small, struggling clutches of starving, illiterate groups of one or a few families who waited in fear for the next “army ” to pass through to kill rape and plunder” No police, no protective force, no more than random chance that you would not wake up  annihilated  . The plagues opened the way for societies to develop into the renascence. A re-start of western culture could be directly attributed to the culling of the bubonic plague.



meullar speaks


The reaction of the Mainstream Press as well as the Democratic National Committee. There is a quiet silence in the soul of everyone who has had to be a target of false claims, the American public exhales a sigh of weariness “just tired of being misled by the powers that be. below is the Mainstream Media tarrying to find out which of their operatives leaked the information that the Democrats, not the Republicans had a full-fledged fake dossier fabricated to spin charges of collusion etc. ….. Lets atake a look at some Dems discussing who the leaker is and where can they hide there money, The Caymans….or Switzerland?


I think It’s Something Toxic in the Hats

Don’t worry about the clown in the cowboy hat,  ( D Rep  Frederica Wilson) and other garish accessories. Worry about the fact that she got enough votes to gain a position of power. If America was any more  evolved than   a day care play room this bafffoon would  not get much more than a nanosecond of air time.

Some times, when you listen in on a  private call then use it for personal political agrandisment…..it backfires.


Whoring for a Gotchya!!


POTUS has been skinned by a histrionic cow-girl in shellacked and sequined cowboy hats and sundry sequined outfits for doing what? For doing the right thing!. A phone call to a Gold Star Family expressing condolences. There is no way to beguile the pain of such loss the right way. No one  can succeed at making the immeasurable pain of losing a loved one go away. You do the best you can an accept there is nothing you can do to fix it. You can express your sympathy and not much more. But that simple truth seems lost on the info monger who are taffy-pulling this story out the door and down the block. But you can sigh, take a reflective moment, feel for the family then move on. Unless, of course, you have an ax to grind and the sensitivity of a pimp like our midnight cowgirl, Dem. Frederica Wilson.