Yeah Baby!

I  never used the excuse “My dog ate it” when I forgot or just refused to do my homework. This tactic was not lost on the founders of Islam,… but it was more like, Part of the Holy Quran is lost, ‘because my goat ate it.” According to Mohammed’s favorite wife Aisha, who stated she had the pages under her pillow. Apparently the confusion of Big Mo’s death covered for the sneaky quadruped as it entered her bed chamber and ate the pages. Pages dedicated to women suckling grown men as a way of preventing sexual impropriety.


Big Mo is presented as the perfect example of manhood and is touted as a role model for his followers to follow.

The kicker is that after torturing a man for money and then beheading him, Big MO took the mans wife as a rape slave. HE TOOK THE TORTURED AND BEHEADED MANS WIFE AS A RAPE SLAVE!


Migrant Remorse


“Be careful what you pray for.”  Merkals “open border” policy has bit her on the ass.Just a little blurb about Merkals call to the EU to help “strengthen up borders to curtail illegal immigration









It appears that Europe has wakened to it’s false hopes of a fairytale end to it’s embrace of migrants from the middle east war zone entering the more affluent European countries. A force of ten thousand is suggested as a stop-gap border patrol.



Strange shift at EU: Crackdown on illegal immigration, plans for 10,000-strong armed border fenceKLIKIT

Hungary, insists it will not be a country of migrants in no uncertain terms. It is also assuming a stance of independence from the influence of the EU. Sanctions are being considered by the EU to coerce Hungary into knuckeling under to their migrant policies.

KLIKITHungary’s Orban to EU: “You condemn us because we are not a nation of migrants”

Oh No Bono

Bono you scalawag, you used to wax profane in duet with such conservative creatures as George Bush. It was believed that you would slow dance with the devil to benefit your benefits. He strikes the Nazi salute to flip the Bavarian bird at the Far right anti-immigration Swedish Democratic party, which has seen gains in popularity in recent months.

Hitler comparison: Bono was seen making a Nazi salute on stage during U2's concert in Paris on Sunday, as he mocked Sweden Democrats leader Jimmie Åkesson

….The tsunami of rapes that have risen in concert with the immigrant population have been a shot in the arm for anti-immigrant sentiment in the country as two cultures, one rooted in 7th century Bedouin and the other concordant with the norms of new millennia,. collide. The rather obvious bar graph below illustrates the giant uptick in rapes  Klikdagraph for more information.






Thus it stands. Israel , a country only 70 years old, has transformed the wasteland into green fields and established itself as a progressive and open democracy. Arabs who are citizens of Israel including Arab members of Israel’s ruling Knesset , have more rights than any Arabs in the middle east.  Israel stands on the ramparts to the frontier, the far outpost of western democracy and is under almost constant fire from Palestinian “patriots.”   As much a part of the American circle of allies as Briton or Australia Israel has contributed mightily to many field of technology, medicine and horticulture.  Happy Shana Tova!


More on Booting the PLO

I found an article that has a bit more color commentary than the previous. It is worth a look in that it addresses motivations and attitude between parties from a different perspective. The hew and cry is similar to the sounds of apocalypse at our moving our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Booting the PLO

The deceased former head of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, Yasser Arafat molders in his grave while his widow cleans out Goldman – Sachs of high-end merchandise with billions of our aid redirected, by her husband Yasser. The PLO basks in the false sunlight of a legitimate organization while the world turns a blind eye to it’s activities as the premier terrorist organization in direct conflict with Israel and perpetrator of many acts of terrorist violence all over the world. In order to get the straight and skinny on the organization kliikdapik below for a clear reckoning on the present actions in booting the organizations offices from our shores. .  


On What Planet?

A comparison of the success of Presidents Obama and Trump is at the other end of the link provided with the pik below. The comparison focuses on the movement of the stock market in each administration. I have been reluctant to make any direct comparison because I thought it was quite obvious….. Trump has achieved in two years what Obama was unable to achieve in eight years of golfing and kowtowing to dictatorships and Caliphates. But what can you expect from a president who coins such immortal utterances as “LEADING FROM BEHIND”.


The Great Obama Recovery

As far as pissing contests go., the comparison of the economy under Obama compared to Trump is like getting into a pissing contest with niagra falls. Apart from saddeling us with a trillion dollars in national debt with a GDP that never broke 2 percent in growth throughout the Obama debacle. Trump, founder of of the feast that serves record breaking economic growth with a GDP that has broken 4.2 percent has Obama in a “shut yo mouth” situation with Trump standing astride the oh so esoteric Obama like a conquering general.

In other matters, the contrast couldn’t be more defined with Trump countering Obamas intial “Apology tour” of world capitals with a public pillaring of Nato and the leaders of the European union before the world. I cringed. But the job was done. Greece, a tiny little country pays it’s NATO dues, why do such financial powerhouses as Germany renege on the payments? Hell we have been on their turf with guns pointed at the Ruskies since the wall went up. What could be their gripe? By the by here is a pik and link of little lord Neville Chamberlane  taking the leap of faith (faith in the ignorance of his audience.) and claiming this red hot recovery as his own.


As I have mentioned in a few previous postings, the obvious feminization of our national identity should be tempered by the inclusion of masculine perspectives. Both genders have qualities that compliment our character and interactions with our own people as well as others beyond our borders. The personal politics of sharing power are always  complicated and fraught with potholes. Just as our federal government is divided to afford checks and balances, so to is the ongoing parlay between men and women.

Between the fist and flower there is an uneasy truce. And neither should be given sole proprietorship of a culture. It appears that the feminine values of European  countries have  welcomed migrants from the middle east and discovered a set of values that fly in the face of established law. Rape is not rape if the girl is inappropriately dressed. Murder isn’t murder if you can find a quote from the Koran to support  the thinnest rational for the killing. Women are considered as livestock and it is written that they were created inferior by God, (in accordance with Islamic scripture). So raping an inappropriately garbed fem will get you no jail time and maybe a pat on the back by other male Muslims.

Considering the reported difficulty in convincing Muslim migrants to integrate into the host culture,  the clustering of muslims into what become no-go zones for local police, coupled with a belief in Muslim superiority,  opens the door to  imposing law according to Muslim practice. In interviewing various long term criminals who turned to Islam while incarcerated the I found that the non-muslim is considered no more than a pest, such as a cockroach or mice behind the wainscot.

The link pictured below leads to an article about  tilling the soil for Muslim exemption from the law.. Such a surrender of personal rights to another is indeed a feminine characteristic (co-dependency ).

See the source image

The couple pictured below were kicked out of a restaurant for merely wearing T-shirts that announced that they were ex-Muslim! Without further provocation the tenderized public reacted against the mere hint of an opinion that might oppose the politically correct (cowardly)  mind-set of the hard left snowflake mentality. KLIKIT!

Female genital mutilation, severing heads and other limbs as punishment for crime, the right for patriarchs to kill family members for “honor” and the suppression of women legally and politically is the acme of toxic masculinity .  Oddly enough, crimes against women in most European countries is highest in areas where feminism is most prevalent.

See the source image

Culture Cowards of Hollywood

I see there has been a Movie about the landing of the first man to set foot on the moon. It is said to have made a hit at  the Caanes film festival and is being hailed as a cinematic masterpiece. Three minute ovation I hear.  But who is in charge of timing ovations?  It is my understanding that they deliberately excluded showing the planting of the American flag on the moon by our astronauts. It must be a fear of not being thought cool by other lib babies that causes such insults to the truth. It was Pres. Kennedy’s commitment to put a man on the moon by ’70 that fueled our efforts to get to the moon. We had been in direct competition with the Soviet Union when the commitment was made. Everyone knew it, none objected. Too bad the nation didn’t dedicate it to the directors vision of how the world should be. But I guess if reality gets in the way of your message, you just ignore reality and push on. No article included here. Just the un-cool truth. The sad result is that this weird message will become part of our national mind set from now on.  

See the source image