Living in the Sycophant Garden

It is no secret that the psychology of your basic pop -star relies upon the attention (possibly the adoration) of others. Without this adoration there is often nothing else…they feel that they would cease to exist without it. Privacy doesn’t exist and even tragedy is fodder for the audience. All is approval,… or you are fodder for the underside of the bus.  Even facts have no merit unless they add to the adoration, and consensus is the only validation for their view of the world.

The Poles Have It!


To the aggravation  of the EU, Poland is suffering a bad case of  rational thinking.. In boldly facing the EU down in refusing to open her borders to the Muslim Diaspora pouring across what were once thought to be  sovereign frontiers of Europe, they have grossly disappointed those who are still convinced that somewhere, somehow. there must be unicorns frolicking about.

The overarching strategy of “squat and undermine”  in Islamic expansion has served their intent to great effect in their efforts at establishing a world-wide caliphate for fourteen hundred years.  (KLIKDAPIK)


Is That Cleopatra Floating By?


CNN suggest Manchester jihad massacre was “right wing false flag plot”But Cleo wasn’t the only one that floated her boat on Denial, (The Nile….Get it?) Sigmund Freud  got it right when he stated that Denial was the defense mechanism of first resort for people who couldn’t accept the truth of any given event. “This isn’t happening.” Has been the call to arm by many a doomed soul, waiting for the inevitable drop of the headman’s ax.UK: Manchester mayor Andy Burnham says jihad mass murderer was “not a Muslim”




Touted as an enemy of Muslims by the perpetually hostile mainstream press and  accompanying chorus of braying liberal enemies, the  president was treated with a triumph that rivals those afforded the royalty of ancient Rome.

Saudi horsemen, some brandishing the American Flag, flank President Trumps motorcade upon his arrival in Riyadh Arabia. On the first stop of his first foreign trip as POTUS, President Trump was treated with a day of extraordinary pageantry and ceremony.










Melania Trump, sans head covering, carried herself with a  faultless regal bearing .


Egyptian president Al Si-Si tells Trump that he “can do the impossible.”

POTUS at the western wall in Jerusalem Israel

Trumps next stop, Israel, afforded a more humble a greeting but Trump and B.B. Netanyahu  have been close friends for a quite a while.   His next hit is Rome and a meeting with the Pope.  In his trifecta of the Abrahamic religions, thus far, his trip has been a raging success. His predecessor, in abandoning Iraq, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egyptian internal politics, and subsidizing Iranian interests to the tune of 400 billion dollars as well as his policy of non-interference in withdrawing from the middle east  has left a region (that has always been problematic) in flames.  The reaction of all parties, from Riyadh to Tel Aviv, has been a sigh of relief that  America is back to lead them from the fray. We are back.






Ivan RIP

Below is a photo of Ivan Bracken holding his great-grandson, Jacob, in his lap.  It was a good moment In our struggle against the nightmare of brain dysfunction.  Ivan died of dementia a few days ago. He was my wife’s father. This is a battle that we could have placed on the shoulders of others but Debra,( his daughter my wife) promised to care for him and keep him out of the nursing home for as long as she could. Before it was over, before death freed him, (and this whole family) his symptoms were so severe that we could find no long-term care that would take him. She kept her promise.

We are just beginning the journey back to the world. We emerge shell shocked and lost, with no idea what to do next. Brain dysfunction is difficult. Brain damage with the victim still walking, is more difficult. Brain damage with the victim agitated and angry is a twenty-four hour a day seven days a week struggle with no moment of complete rest and no refuge.  We are just now realizing the depth of the damage we have suffered in keeping her promise.  I took Deb out to brunch a couple of days after Ivan passed on and we were both amazed that we could just leave the house without either taking poor Pa-pa with us, or at minimum, arranging for my youngest daughter and son-in-law to watch after him. Back before his struggle with brain disease he was often a difficult man, he had his faults, as we all do, but was basically  a decent man. It was heartbreaking to see him deteriorate.

Deb at difficult moments,  when she felt like she was inflicting him on the family that helped care for him and keep him in the home. Sometimes  her strong heart would give way a little, and she would say, “He was never like this before!”  Even Ivan, (if he could) would agree.  He would rather take a bullet rather than endure the slow pain wracked transformation from Dr. Jekyll  to Mr. Hyde.

Now it is we who are the walking wounded, wondering what we do with our lives now that we have emerged from our exile into the hell of caring for a difficult dementia victim. We are the walking wounded, not knowing what to do next or how to feel.

There is no way to convey the hell wreaked upon both Ivan and those who cared for him in the past couple of years. We just have to let the dead take care of their own, and go on living for the living.     Below is a picture of the family, on the far left is Deb and on the far right (the ragged looking big guy) is me.. Between us is the family. And in the middle of it all sits Ivan.  May he find in death the peace the disease robbed him of in his final years. Did we do all we could? Could we have done it differently? We could question ourselves forever.  But I believe these doubts should be buried with the man. We are vetrans of our war with dementia an we should walk on.There are grandchildren to raise and a lives to be lived.

I am grateful   for  the effort in caring for Ivan by my youngest daughter Alexandra and son-in law Anthony. They helped define the deeper meanings of family.  But I must close by saying I have been enriched by having been a part of Debs daily fight to provide the care and dignity she felt he deserved.  But for their help we could not have done it.. She is a hero of the brightest magnitude. I am privaledged to share my life with a woman of such character and through the tears, such courage.   She has nothing to regret. She kept her word. I am so proud of her.

The Jerks


When one speaks of a “knee jerk” reaction it refers to that cute little kick that comes when the doctor whacks you in the knee with his little rubber hammer. Neo-NaziA knee jerk reaction is one that comes without deliberation. It happens as a defensive gesture to an assault on a vulnerable area. It is a “push back” against applied force. Such it is with the rise in right wing hate groups springing up throughout Europe.  Just “Klikdapik’ for a pretty fair little article about cultures feeling assaulted by conditions in the world today. It bodes ill for the Democracies of Europe and eventually your city council.


Obama is bugging out


Word on the street is that Ex-Pres Obama is putting together  (organizing) a group to sabotage President Trumps administration.

Michele, always a class act, outlines her post election plans to the DNC.





When you have nothing to lose the truth surfaces. As far as I can tell this couples motivation was the same as Charles Manson, and/or Adolf Hitler; start a race war and install a junta that suits their idea of governance from the wreckage of our nation.




I am sorry about the dirth of posting of late. I am sure you have been holding your breath awaiting the next profound revelation (humor). But there is no joy in Mudville lately. For the past cople of years Deb and I have taking care of her father, who has dementia and is presently on hospice care in our home. He is however of a special variety of disorder. His violence, resistance to co-operation and  sexual improprieties (his granddaughters cannot be left in the same room, and visiting of any kind has become sparse. His mania and  round the clock assaults have sucked my life and the lives of my family into a maelstrom of insanity. Dementia like his is so hard to manage that there are few long term facilities that will take him.

 They call it care-taker burn out. I call it depression. There is no way to describe the despicable nature of the beastie without getting melodramatic and still not impart the tremendous stress involved. Suffice it to say we live with two barricades in my home,  locked doors and  alarms.  The geezer has always been an selfish asshole. His demented condition has escalated his mean nature into attitudes and behavior that would have called for an exorcist in any other age. The dysthymia and major depressive bouts make formerly enjoyable activities seem a chore. Well this is my restart on my site. Sorry about the delay.