Americas Anti-Semite Ex-President and Congressman

You know him, you love him! It is Jew hating and white person hating Louie Farrakhn!

Now our favorite Photo op for Democrats

As a photo op he is not my first choice. Plumbing for his consistuants would be like me going to the local whore house to diddle the “women’s vote” for Trump. But, then again, I have my limits. And an active gag reflex.

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LBJ wanted to leave a “Great Society” as his legacy. The plan was to pay the American black family just enough to keep them quiet but not enough to give them real power.

Here are the quotes from Lyndon B. Johnson (warning language):Lyndon Baines Johnson 1963… “These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference… I’ll have them niggers voting Democratic for the next two hundred years”

As time passes the American black is awakening from the crack-pipe dreams set forth for them by the arrival of the first “Great Society” slave ship in 1963.

Just pay them some…but not enough….more for each child born, with the father forced out of the home out of fear of losing benefits for the mother and children. Such a program is a formula for destruction of the black nuclear family. The “Great Society” has not been mentioned much as the progenitor of black dependency on government assistance.  But it has been a 800 pound Gorilla in our living room for decades.

Now they want a “Great Society” for Hispanics flooding the southern border.



Feds report an average of over 1100 illegals apprehended DAILY on the southern border. (God help us if we see a caravan of Canadians moving south)! This adds up to over a third of a million hew democratic voters perched to assume their positions on the dole when they hit the ground in the great US of A. Short term gain for Dems who need a new base as their African American base is showing signs of coming to their senses.

Of course we could just dig a tunnel under the US and direct the caravans to just take a little walk north. They would end up in Canada. A bright new addition to their full coverage medical system that keeps people waiting forEVER. Teehee.. Or we could get an old destroyer and float then down to Venezuela, for a taste of that good old time socialist religion.

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The Democratic Holocaust that Sinks American Cities

The three American cities have been run right into the ground under Liberal leadership. Peruse the piks and then link to a rather interesting list of the towns in America that have been  most greatly damaged

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It was rather pleasant. Deb and I sat down and filled  out our ballots together . They had been sent to us from the sate of Colorado. Then when finished they were taken to the appropriate place and deposited for counting.

When he announced he was running I laughed. As he fought his way through the other 15 candidates through debate and public insults I swore I would never vote for such a crude bore as this dork! Then I had no choice because he won the primaries and I certainly wasn’t going to vote for Clinton or Sanders!  So I voted for Trump…..with a cringe!

Then He moved our embassy to Jeruselum and I looked harder at this clown. Such a move showed political will and courage deeper than I had seen in my lifetime.  Then I saw him at a table of NATO huckymuks ripping them a new one over their failure to pony up their share of NATO’s budget.. He held back nothing, it was ugly, I was just watching and squirming as he ripped NATO members one after the other.  Then I smiled. I realized the buffoon I had voted for was taking care of business! He was not there to schmooze or rub elbows with the great and not so great. He was there to take care of America.

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This woman has just voted for the first time. She had to brave bullets, bombs and knives to exercise her right to vote. She knows how important a single vote is.



Trumps list of “promises kept” has grown. Against a tsunami of bad press, (at present press coverage is 90%+ negative), Trump has evened the playing field in international trade. In particular, he has broken the death grip China has on the American economy. He has hobbled the Iranian “death to America and Israel” regime and is at present he is applying even more sanctions to gain more leverage. Iran is trying to build nuclear bombs. He has confronted North Korea and is working to de-nuclearize the Korean peninsula.  Strength is important.  Trump is the bully-boy we need in a dangerous world.

He won’t “lead from behind” or draw meaningless “lines in the sand”  that he has no intent on defending, as predecessor Obama did.  The steel jobs, and manufacturing jobs that Obama said “were gone and won’t come back” are coming back under a Trump administration.  When Obama said that the steel jobs would never come back with sarcastic satisfaction, I grieved. I have long known our steel industry was on it’s heels….. On it’s last legs in a country that fought on two fronts, supplied all our allies arms and equipment, and won World War II..

Well,our steel factories are coming back. Coal, (which Obama said he would ruin) is coming home in a historically robust economy. An economy studded with record-breaking stats for employment for about every category. Highest employment for blacks EVER, best for women for several decades, best of Asian, Hispanic and virtually every American group they have been taking records for. Record employment that Trump built out of the multi-trillion dollar ruin of the Obama era.

The Democrats want an open border. They believe poor south American refugees will provide a convenient voting base.  Under Democratic stewardship taxes will go up and the economy will go down as their dream of a socialist America blossoms in all its mediocrity.  The Dems want a large part of the population on the edge of abject poverty. A food stamp economy keeps their voting base dependent on government hand-outs,…… which keeps the left in power.  Margaret Thatcher said this of socialism, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples money”.

I do not entertain the notion that I can change the vote of those who have made up their minds. I just hope I can illuminate how important this midterm is, and possibly motivate those who are on the fence or thinking of just sitting this one out to go and vote republican. The stakes are high. The future of America is on the line.  Please go vote.



As the midterms loom ever larger; and my trepidation over the results of the voting loom even larger. The country is not only healing, it is thriving in the hottest recovery in my life. If the idiots with no ideas , just hatred of the president, gain any power, the good times grind to a halt as they obstruct efforts to work for America, and focus solely on such straw dogs as impeachment.

It seems that revenge for having been beaten in the last election is their only issue that inspires any passion among their ranks. Just working with Trump is just too repugnant to them. They would rather waste the next few years like they have the last two. SO……

I dream my little dream.



The old saying is “The sun never sets on the British Empire.” England is accustomed to the presence diverse cultures. In their colonial days British troops and the businesses that ventured into the conquered territories with them opened avenues of migration that put people from around the world on London streets. The open arms that have characterized the country since they divested themselves of their colonial holdings may have a bit more to do with a feeling of guilt than any inherent British compassion. Your conscience might twinge a little when you look a person in the face whose country you have used like two dollar whore. You may have a problem saying “no you can’t come in” to your ex-victim. Various theories aside, the fact is that the Brits are up to their armpits with citizens whose origin and race are different than their own. This arrangement has worked rather smoothly until the influx of Muslims that immigrated with contempt for the foundational values of the Brits.


I was a young drifter when I passed through Chinatown in Los Angeles. As I made my through the bustling crowds on the street I was met with the occasional smile and a lot of Asian reserve. Not a lot of eye contact. But I never felt unwelcome. The basic social contract was understood and agreed upon by all parties regardless of ethnicity.

Just above the eagle on every quarter minted in America is the phrase “E Pluribus Unum”, which means “out of many, one.”  It is obvious our founding fathers accepted immigration whole heartedly. And that immigrants could be who they are. The phrase that decorates the façade of the Supreme court “Equal Justice Under Law” sends two messages to the citizen; the first is that and All Americans were to be treated fairly and equally under the laws of the United States of America. The second message is that ALL citizens will accept and abide by the law of the land.

Islam is a complete handbook on society for the Muslim. Rules for the most basic behaviors are proffered. Christianity, on the other hand has few rules other than to follow a few simple spiritual concepts. Sharia, the popularly accepted legal code of Islam has sins and punishments that are an anathema to modern secular societies. Yet this code is pushed by Muslim wherever they land. And there is the rub. Plus the wholesale misogyny that is practiced as a daily course of behavior. 

Jew Lover

I am a Jew lover. Oldest of the monotheistic faiths, Judaism has laid the foundation of both Christianity and Islam. Throughout history, the Jewish people have been the scapegoat  for the sins of every country that has vilified and cursed them for infractions no one can point to and none can name. They have been made the boogeyman of every culture, committing sins no one can quite bring into clear focus, just accusations. They have been slaughtered by the millions on the basis of the  vague rustling  under the bed and what might be lurking in the shadows.

After the holocaust,  after 6 million souls, men women and children, were exterminated in the death camps of Nazi Germany, they were given a strip of land that contained their historical capital, Jerusalem, where they might build their own homeland. Since that time and three wars with their Arab neighbors  They have not only made the desert bloom, but they have built a modern, productive society in their traditional homeland.







KLIKDAPIK to read a few of Israel’s contributions to the world.


NYMBY on a National Scale

My Twitter account has been suspended this morn. Don’t know why yet but I hope it will be something exciting , like my rhetoric is too strident, or that I have insulted somebodies hypersensitivity. Oh well I have only tweeted once and they are probably suspending me for some humdrum reason like that.

Now for something completely different……Have you noticed how vehement Poland is in resisting taking Muslim migrants into their country. This resistance has stirred up the western European  countries who are pressuring Poland to knuckle under to the “take a migrant home wit ya”  fad that is trending in the more trendy countries.

The Poles, unlike the snowflakes who preach diversity and tolerance of the intolerant; that play with their phones all day in the west, have been in the belly of the beast more than once and come back to recreate Poland. They are not in the mood to time-share with anybody……They are refusing to open their borders to any migrants from the middle east.

The Midterms

Below are a few of the 7000+ South American migrants floating toward the U.S.  Those that make it will get in. Trump’s threat to bring in the military to guard the border is a paper tiger roar. If they arrive the worst case scenario is a riot with deaths. Whether there is shooting (which would be really bad), or night sticks and tear gas it will get ugly.. In all probability they will just walk across the border and be processed and released.

A group of Central American migrants cross the Suchiate River aboard a raft made out of tractor inner tubes and wooden planks, on the the border between Guatemala and Mexico, in Ciudad Hidalgo, Mexico, Saturday, Oct. 20, 2018. After Mexican authorities slowed access through the border bridge to a crawl, hundreds of migrants are boarding the rafts or wading across the river and crossing into Mexico illegally. (AP Photo/Moises Castillo)

In order to gin up inspiration in their voting base Democrats will dig up the Kavanaugh lynching and initiate impeachment proceedings. Proceeding with Trumps impeachment is also on their agenda. If the Dems win control of the house you can expect:

Taxs will skyrocket and the vitality we have been celebrating will vanish.

Our hot recovery will be chilled from a four percent plus growth to the Obama level of one to two percent growth.

The incentives for keeping jobs in America will be gone and American workers will see their jobs farmed out to other countries as we struggle economically.

More people will be out of work and on the welfare roles as the Democrats keep large populations on the edge of poverty. Advancement will by punished for those who climb out of the welfare box just to avoid loss of their benefits.

Obama era regulation, if reinstated, will kill the coal industry, steel industry and domestic oil production.

If the democrats win the lions share of midterm elections, gridlock is the best we can hope for and the recovery will be stopped in it’s tracks.

Dems. (Lib. etc.), have been showing their contempt for law and peacekeepers in increasing intervals. It seems to be a badge of courage that you spit in the face of those who are doing the dirty work for you. Like this war on ICE, the most basic beam scale could tell the tale. The thinking is maladjusted 14 year old Juggalo teen. Regrettably this attitude  the (DSM refers to it as Oppositional/defiant disorder) lingers in  a large number of educators and media people and they just can’t take that final step and grow up. Grow up! Smell the coffee and understand there are some powers in the world that don’t serve your needs.

Criminal behavior will be coddled as the authority hating Dems discard ICE and refuse to prosecute classes of criminals that could serve as democratic voters.

What will the future of America look like if this far left group of neo-socialists are in charge for any length of time. Look at municipalities that have been headed by liberals for the last few decades. Take a look at Detroit, now a ghost town of empty factories and whole neighborhoods filled with derelict houses and empty businesses. The city is the bones left after political excess made it non-competitive with foreign car makers.

If you want to see law enforcement under long-term Democratic leadership take a look at Chicago, with 1700  dead bodies produced thus far this year.

Who organized and funded this caravan? take a look…….

So who set these men women and little children on the road for a walking trek of over a thousand miles? Putting whole families at risk of injury or even death from being exposed to the elements with no visible means of support. Who is feeding this mass of people on the road? It is certainly not Republicans or their like minded independents. So who would benefit from a conflict at the border, set to combust with a manufactured  photo op of a crowd of desperate people going up against American military?  Just before the mid-terms. Could it be the Dems who arranged this fiasco?

These midterms are important. If you like the way things are going. If you want the recovery to continue. You must vote. And vote conservative. Or just turn your palm to the heavens , get in line, and wait for big brother to cross you palm with a pittance for your trouble. Vote.