Stay the Course…

In the “Be careful what you prey for,” category Baltimore learned a lesson about living by the wisdom of the mob.

After the Ferguson riots, the then POTUS Obama met with some of the leaders of the “Black Lives Matter” group who were involved in the burning and pillaging of Ferguson streets. Members of the police dept. were not invited to this meeting and it was downplayed by the mainstream media. I was able to find this sound-only bit in response to what appeared to be his encouraging those who rioted to “Stay the Course!” Stay the course till what? Till they burned down more of their own neighborhood?  Why would the man with the bully pulpit encourage their destructive behavior? Could it be that much of his experience had been as a community organizer?


The Art of Delusion

The friction between reality and fantasy is greatly reduced if you can convince the chump population that we create reality independent of any substance. Modern art is no more than a cognitive exercise in creating quality out of whole cloth. The concept of modern art would be quite ridicules if only one person believed that the modern art was actually art. It takes a little team work to sustain the delusion. So a whole caste was cultivated by the architects of modern popular culture. This “cognitive exercise”.is one of many mantras of the left, targeted to fill the void left behind the wholesale flight of maturity from the American scene. Adolescent idealism and knee-jerk oppositional stance against all authority is a scatter-gun morality made of sound and fury and no more. To live in the lap of luxury and not lift a finger in effort. Meaning without meaningful struggle.

Authority that demands commitment is out. Authority that demands sacrifice or service to a greater purpose is out. Doing what you want is the mission statement of Gen Z. We are lucky it is the last letter in the alphabet. Art is what I call it. Right and wrong is what I decide as I go. So crap is art. Urine is art. Insult of traditions is art. Insult of authority is art. Anything and everything is art.

She Sells Sea shells……….?

My spouse and I cared for her father for the last two years of his life. He suffered dementia. Early signs of his progressing brain dysfunction included memory lapses, tremors, large and fine motor dysfunction as well as slurring of speech. Ms. Pelosi, regrettably, shows similar symptoms. Even though I am very much opposed to her politics, (which are slipping farther and farther left), I would wish her no physical harm. .

But Ms. Pelosi’s dubious cognitive and physical problems should be monitored very closely. Too many symptoms,  Too many memory and attention deficits. Too much power in her trembling hands.


OK  We will change the dress code for congress so our shiny new Muslim congresswoman can wear religious headgear while legislating. While swearing into her new job she swore on the Koran rather than the Bible, as has been the venerated custom of our country for a couple of centuries. In ’12 she proclaimed “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.”

Her latest zinger went as thus: “I chuckle whenever Israel is called a democracy.”   As part and parcel of her pernicious package,  Omar likens Israel to Iran, the worlds greatest financier of terrorist organizations around the world. Insisting  Israel be considered  no greater a friend of America than a country where  “Death to America! The Great Satan!” rallies are held every Friday.



The Chamberlain Way

Didn’t Britain learn anything since CHamberlain appeased them into the second world war. A basic mindset of the middle eastern mind would see such placation as weakness.

Whenever a Jihadi sees such behavior a little sparkle comes to his/her eyes. They know that they have been given the pass to take more, push for more and gain more power. There is no question about the nature of the relationship to power in countries that have taken them in as migrants. It is stated a multitude of times in the Koran, Hadith, and other Muslim literature that those who are not Muslim are judged inferior by Allah and they should be “made to feel” their subordination. The battle lines are clear to any Muslim. If you are not muslim you are akin to cockroaches, a pest that should be either eliminated or subjugated. Yet it appears that the British don’t even know which direction the front is. They keep knocking out stones from their own ramparts.

In this case they are censuring the content of a comedians routine. Klikdapik for further information.

My Crush,,,,On Rosanne?

Rude, crude, and socialy unacceptable. Such are the impressions I have had of Roseanne Barr…..until recently. First impression….. she has aged well. There is a dignity in her lack of make-up and other vain affectations like Botox blubber lips and “whoops I just got goosed!” face lift surprise that folks in her business just can’t resist.


Second impression…..Her stubborn support of Israel stands against the Limousine Liberals who find it is “cool” to spout anti-sematic bile. Her statements concerning several issues of social concern show a surprising wisdom from a woman who screwed up the national anthem by grabbing her crouch in the middle of a game opening performance.

Never could watch an entire episode of her hit television sit-com. And  would switch channels in a Nano-second at a glimpse of her doing stand-up. But my hat is off to the handsome ol’  gal. She has iron in her words.                                                                Klikdapik for more.

Roseanne Barr slams Israel-haters, calls for Jewish prayer at Temple Mount

Pelosi at the Border?

Below is pictured Nancy Pelosi, (shown holding hands with Carlos Marx) visiting a caravan at the southern border of her back yard. Our reporters were not allowed closer to the Congress woman than this, but something about mowing her lawn a “bit shorter next time.”  was overheard by our correspondent.  In fact just Klikdapik to see the invitation sent to Ms. Pelosi by local ranchers.


The Force Within

What world is Omar living in? Congress Woman Omar is but the harbinger, the first drop that whispers the warning of a coming deluge, Sympathizer, and apologist for the savage ISIS, sworn enemy of  western civilization, and vocal anti-Semite, Omar advocates for none but her own, Interest in relieving the suffering of none but ISIS, she asks that we go easy on the ISIS who already occupy our prison cells. Our prisons have had robust recruiting of new and angry converts for a couple of decades. Now they have an advocate to help them sidestep punishment for their indiscriminate carnage.

Palestine the Myth

Long time liberal and lifetime Jew, Alan Dershoitz  fills in some of the gaping holes in the wests knowledge of the Palestinian conflict. Which, as he illustrates , is more a war of attrition against Israel  than resistance to any occupation. As a matter of fact, one of the myths swallowed  whole is that Israeli troops are occupying Palestinian territory. KLIKDAPIK for a short but informative read.


We Are So Sorry for this Dynamic, Vibrant, Creative and Kindest Society That has ever Existed

Another westerner crying in his Starbucks Macchiato with a (dram of orange flavoring), Another embarrassing example of a self-hating child of plenty. “Winners Guilt” I suppose. HIs sophomoric suggestion is that the Bible is more violent than the Koran. The “equivocator- in – chief” Jack Miles speaks.