He “walked off” from his post, weaponless. He was heard to sympathize with the so called plight of the Afghani’s. His father, speaking Pashtun, also claimed sympathy with the enemy and in a tweet vowed to continue trying to free Guantanamo prisoners.

Well they got five out. All that glitters is not gold, fellow Blog-stalkers, the Hammer advises you look twice at our little soldier hero. He is a wartime deserter boys and girls and they can find no one in the military that will back him. Mark the Hammers word BS’rs, the question as to whether he will “stand before the man” on charges of desertion will be addressed soon.
Typical Obama production.   He once was heard to say that he “he was ashamed to be American“.He saved the most extreme wild-eyed America hater in the middle east.


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