Obama is the Anti-Christ; Obama Muslim operative; He is a corrupt Chicago politican, etc., etc., etc., These are a few answers to the Obama conundrum. As yet I have found any single condition that would explain Barack Obama’s behavior. Plain old incompetence seems a good candidate but as yet I am not willing to commit.

I do appreciate someone has finally broached the topic of mental condition. It has been next to impossible to explore all avenues unmolested do to the screening role of the Main stream media. If the news bodes ill for the Obama agenda it is either ignored or obscured by the msm. Why does a leader, faced with the fact that the economy is struggling, increase the tax burden. Why does a leader, embatteled by terrorist from the first day of his administration, apologize to those who would see America dead. Why does a leader side with a terrorist organization that is the granddad of all other terrorist organizations in the first free elections ever held in Egypt? We were reading about the brotherhood,and it’s very open hatred for the united states during the Bush administration. Why? The list fades to infinity, ad nauseum and beyond!
These are such basic issues, and considering how obvious the answers are, only a deliberate sabatour or an imbecile would behave as our commander in Chief does. Or a socialist bent on weakening or eliminating the present system in order to replace our enterprise with socialism.


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