911 Hong Kong Calling!

The nature of Americas relationship with the world has been illuminated by the people of Hong Kong. Returned to the possession of China in 1997, Hong Kong has enjoyed a rather strange position of independence from mainland China for about a century. Leased from China by Great Britain, the island has developed an identity separate from the Chinese mainland.  The problem lies in the fact that you cannot put the baby back once it’s born. Nor can you peacefully take freedom away after a people have experienced it.

American flags and Trump posters stud the crowds as they call to America for help, warming the heart to see the reflexive call for help when the chips are definitely down. Americas reputation as the strong arm in on the international stage is clearly on the mend since  Professor Obama made certain the world knew that we were guilty. Guilty of what I do not know. I guess guilty of everything for want of any other superpower in the area. Then, with the passing of the Apologizer -In -Chief, the “Ugly American” has come to power. The American military is on the mend from  it’s evisoration under Barak  and those who do not like us step lightly and keep an eye out.

  Always the liberator. Never the conqueror. America holds the standard for the holding the high moral ground in the world. In all things cultural, America is emulated and her power is respected by all freedom loving people of the world.  SO THERE!


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