China……………………. Dachau born Again ?

Slowly items put together in the USA are finding the shelves due to the aggressive dealmaking emanating from the Oval Office.. But the corner on the market of cheap goods still is Chinese territory.  Why are the goods so cheap?

Well you won’t find too many labour unions in China. Like zero, zed, nil, none, no mas, not one union. You will see a huge work force, paid scraps from their government handlers The wages paid to the Men, Women and Children have been cause for protest by fair wage advocates the world over.. I personally experienced  peeling off $110.00 for a pair of “Doc Martin” sandals that sported the “Made in Thailand” brand. The recipient was my middle daughter who simply would die if a pair of these slave labour flip flops Not only do the workers not have control or even a suggestion of influence over who much they are paid. THE FILM BELOW IS ABOUT THE PLIGHT OF THE UYGHURS WHO,  AS  SPLINTER-GROUP MUSLIMS,  ARE OFFICIALY DESPISED BYTHE CHINESE GOVERNMENT. It appears to have little to do with the price of items in U.S. stores. This assessment is false. The Uyghur’s treatment at a the hands of the Chinese majority is designed to destroy the unity of the Uyghur’s society and brainwash them into the communist party against there own deeply held wishes. The film below is long but very interesting in it’s revelation of Chinese tactics in manipulating large groups of people. So get some popcorn and a bottle of wine and relax.

The Chinese government, maintains an age-old tradition of keeping their cards very close to the vest. The centuries old secret of the source of silk, a secret apparently never breeched by the thousands of Chinese who worked tending the little worms and spinning the silk into thread never said a word. It is a good bet that it was fear and not patriotism that kept the secret. That was a couple thousand years ago. It is a tradition and skill that is still serving them well in the 21st century. As the Chinese government controls the lives of it’s citizens like toy soldiers in the sand.

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