An Existential Imperative


The  publishing record of this blog has been non-existant for the past couple months. I return now with a restart, (comeback, what have you), and a fresh recommitment toward maintaining an interesting blog.

I and Deb (my woman) have been cast into the void so to speak.  Chicanery among those who were held in trust has lost us our home.We are basicly without an address at the moment.  We are  not refugees.   Game for the challenge and holding tight to each other as we tumble, Deb and I are emancipated.

We have, all things considered an excellent attitude for the existential pilgrimage we are making.  It was kind of like our prison burned down. and as we emerge from the ruins,we must shake-off the ambers and rinse the smoke from our eyes. As the initial shock subsides we see the horizon clear of the old obstacles,  and a road,  without signpost or guide, winding into the distance lies before us. With a smile of the “Old hand”we think back on all the times in 25 we have hit the ground running.John Mixon's photo.I am proud of my woman. And we are proud of ourselves as a couple. The crowd of leaches, sycophants, back stabbers, gold-diggers, petty thieves and incessant whiners  have departed and now, finally, we can see each other again. And to our delight we find we like what we see.

The existential imperative is this: A roof over our head. And thus we thrust in that direction.

We have rolled up our sleaves, and are rising to the challenge again. Tears shed and dried we run to the sound of the guns. Deb is my stalwart, my little Champion. She is good in a fight  and I would want no one else with me.

Well, I will post again as soon as it is physically possible to.   Getting a roof over our head will occupy no small portion of our time and energies.  I will post again soon. Thank you for your visit, See Ya!


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