WMD Forever After


I always objected to our invasion of Iraq. I like a good fight just as every true American does. I just felt there was too little connection between Iraq and 911 to justify an invasion. Of course I didn’t get too strident in my objection. And for that I am slightly ashamed.Woodward: Bush Didn't Lie About WMDs in Iraq

I arranged e-mail notifications should WMD,s be mentioned. I perused various news sources very day to find news of their discovery. Above all, I searched for validation for the war. But regrettably, none was forthcoming. The real difficulty has been hearing the discordant chorus of Liberal Jackasses braying about his ‘lying’ about weapons of mass destruction in order to start the war!

At the time every intelligents organization in the world, (including Saddem himself) was swearing he had the goods. From M-5 to the CIA, to Mossad of Israel  emerged a picture of an unrecalcitrant despot hording a secret stockpile of weapons that he would use and had, in fact, used previously.

I don’t believe you can swing those who have an ax to grind. But it is of some solice that a credible journalist with Woodwards historic  resume would cp it all with an exoneration of the Bush administrations decision to enter Iraq.



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