Yep, She is Right!

Tomi Lahren, talking head for Fox News made the assertion that the ‘programming’ of youth by public schooling begins early. The fun part of this piece is the assertion made in the Yahoo headline concerning Lahrens  “Wild claim!” of early educational  programming when she responded to Speaker Pelosi’s assertion that the voting age should be lowered to 16.

The linked article, blessedly short, is an example of bias in the reporting of social issues when authors are cloistered exclusivly with others of their own political perspective. The viewpoint of the author of the linked article is evidenced from the first inflammatory words of the Yahoo homepage headline……..                         

Wild Claim?

As the parent of five, (children). I have much anecdotal experience of political engineering beginning at grade-school level.  Of course it is not surprising that a government employee,  in a strongly unionized industry, would cleft to political views that support union influence,  and essentially, their paychecks.