One source for the word slavery has been postulated as a product of prisoners taken by wars and banditry in the eastern Carpathian mountain range during conflicts between eastern Europeans and the Ottomans. Thus the origin, “slav”…….or……slavic…… there seems to be a disparity between the sub-Saharan and Slavic versions of this name.

This fine young presenting lady speaks at a rapid clip. Be aware when listening to the vid. It is simple and full of good information, but her rapoid delivery can be confusing.



Winston Smith was here!

KLIKDAPIK  and link to a good, short accounting of one method Sub-Saharan women are duped into the slave trade. The article is informative and an easy read. But there is one aspect of the situation you won’t be hearing about. Nowhere in this article is there any mention of the Muslim pimps that have been trafficking from this area for the past 1400 years. The destinations include Dubai, the United Arab Emerits, and Kuwait to name but a few of the higher end client countries. No non-Muslim participants are mentioned throughout the article. The basics of journalism, the who, what, when, where of the story has been deliberately excluded from the text.