Mob Rule Defeated

I missed Ms.  Susan Collins speech. I hear it was a brilliant comment on the dog fight of Judge Kavanagh’s confirmation hearing. Kudos go to the committee republicans for not blinking and allowing mob rule to carry the day in stopping this confirmation hearing. I hope this sends the message that the liberal left should stand advised that mob rule does not carry the day in American politics. Such anarchy gained the Dems and leftists of all description, exactly……..   ZIP, NADA, NOTHING, BUT A BAD TASTE AND LINGERING ODOR. I am happy that the GOP stepped up and duked it out for President Trumps pick. Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham stood as granite in their defense of Kavanagh.  Flake was flakey and wins the “most creepy” award for his downcast glance while getting spanked in an elevator by a random protester.  But, “all  well that ends well”! .  Lets march on.

Rep. Susan Collins pushes it over the line for Kavanagh


I don’t know the personal history of the actor who is pictured below. But he did nail the “red neck sheriff”  character beautifully. He could be the nicest gentleman in the world or he could be another John Wayne Gacy. I dunno.  But there is one damning crime I am sure he is guilty of….the low down dog is WHITE !!

For some deep dark reason I am having a bit of writers block in addressing the issue of who is best to interview the female accuser pointing the finger of sexual assault at Brett Kavanah, President Trumps recommended candidate, for the supreme court. Anticipating the hew and cry that would result if a group of white males questioned the female accuser, a female was brought in to interview her.

Ann Coulter wrote a tongue- in- cheeky morsel that takes on the problem of whiteness and maleness. Ms. Coulter is female. But regrettably, she is white. Sorry, it was the best I could do.

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It does surprise me though, that so many so-called professional news people would go to the lame argument that a white male cannot handle the delicate matter of speaking with a female victim of sexual assault. A few years ago I was rushed to the operating room when my appendix burst. I guess I should have refused help and held out for a surgeon who had his appendix burst too, because only someone who had to go through my dilemma would be able to understand how to deal with my dilemma.

The Oldest Whore on the Block just Turned another Trick

You have to admit that Feinstein can put together a lynch mob quicker and better than anybody else in congress. Upon learning the name of the POTUS pick for supreme court justice , she put together a non-for-profit organization bent on derailing Kavanah’s confirmation as a Supreme.

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