More Witnesses Deny Kavanaghs’ Accuser


The better angels of our nature were revealed when more (named)  witnesses deny knowledge of any sexual abuse by Judge Kavanauh. These denials come on the heels  of written depositions of other witnesses denying any knowledge of Dr. Fords accusations of sexual abuse by Kavanaugh.

1 thought on “More Witnesses Deny Kavanaghs’ Accuser

  1. Unfortunately the accusations are believed by many many people and the man will be cursed by it despite the possibility he may be completely innocent. Millions of people still believe Trump is Putin’s lackey and that smear successful too. That Trump is Putin’s lackey is the silliest and most preposterous lie I have ever heard. Ford said K jumped her but was too drunk to do anything but the media still portrays it as an actual rape which people believe and Ford never said he raped her.


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