Candace Owens on Race

She is quick on the draw and can shoot the eye of a sketer at 50 paces. Candice Owens. AHHH Candice,  pardon me while I swoon just a little bit. Not only is this woman fearless in  the face of progressive attack, she is always on the mark.

Conservative commentator Candace Owens' testimony regarding the threat of white supremacy to the black community is nothing short of glorious.

Her response in  this short video is to another bunch of Caucasians claiming to stand for the community of color in the U.S. about problems that are hard to get a grip on. I am an old sociopath and am not used to being the recipient of Gas lighting as much the perpetrator of such a cruel tactic. But that is the  only answer that I can be comfortable with as I search for the fire when I can’t even see any smoke!

Sometimes I wonder if I have been in  a coma and have suddenly awakened to find 40 years of civil discourse between white and black  people of good faith and willing hearts have vanished. The question of the day is………..Where did all this civil strife come from?

Fabricated……the crisis in black and white relations has been deliberately ginned up to serve the political needs of the Left. This is what Candace reveals. The left cannot function, nay, the left cannot exist, without an enemy to attack.

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