The Neo-Puritanism of the Left

Winston Smith, protagonist of Eric Blares “1984” was employed by the government to “correct” errors in news stories that didn’t support the current culturally acceptable norms.  “He who controls the past, controls the present!”  He was of course, an unadvised lacky, a “helpful fool”  editing parts of sentences and bits of headlines without any idea of the product of his changes. Such a reworking of history is being achieved rather easily in the present political environment. News is screened and only that which supports the present liberal view of the world and its  workings is allowed. Public schools are producing generations of unfortunate “helpful fools” who cannot read the diplomas that are being awarded, but can faithfully recite the sociopolitical issues and biases close to the heart of their liberal educators. Learning has been usurped by indoctrination, from the cradle to graduate school. With no real knowledge to help interpret the events of their lives as they unfold, the American student falls back on the empty platitudes  about “social justice” they have been inundated by since their first days in pre-school. The world and the workings of the human sprit are a mystery to the millennial. Like frightened campers huddled around a camp; fire, they flinch and squeak at every snap or click they hear from the shadows around them. Soon the world is filled with phantasms ready to attack and destroy at a twitch.

Click the pic and read the linked article for a view of how the left wants to rewrite history. After that take an amused look at a film that could not be produced now, in the age of Neo-puritanism.