At the Border

A vangard of migrants associated with the approaching caravan have gathered at a section of fence along the border with Mexico and as yet no military has shown. We have the third world gathering at our southern border en masse, Europe is filling with refugees from the middle east. It seems that either political  circumstance or just wanting a better life has started a third world land rush to the more advanced societies.  Whether they benefit, or ultimately disintegrate the host countries depends on the immigrants willingness to integrate and accept the law of the land.

 The problem with some populations is that they seem to be moving into societies that they think are inferior to or repugnant to there own, while in the same breath demanding living assistance from these countries.  For good or bad, changes will come. As these misplaced populations demand more and more political power, they will transform the very identity of the host countries. Or, as is happening in European countries right now, the migrant community  cluster into cultural redoubts that are being referred to as no-go zones for local authorities.


Displaced populations, by nature, are dependent. The progressive dream of open borders would obviously prove to create a tsunami of such displaced populations flooding into whatever ill defined area that was the United States of America, and……….VOTE DEMOCRAT! The open borders bark from progressives has far less to do with compassion than it does power. Power. SEE PIC BELOW….


In 409 A.D. a Goth army crossed the northern borders of Italy. After running a muck assaulting communities in the outlaying countryside,  Alaric, at the head of a Goth army, entered Rome.  Alaric occupied the “eternal city” for only three days and with very little plundering in his wake, he moved on.  Alaric himself, died shortly thereafter from natural causes.  His incursion, into the very heart of Rome, signaled the end of an empire that ruled from Britain to Persia for 1200 years.

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There were many hungry, destitute people north of the Roman borders. Utilized as spear fodder in the Roman army at the forefront of many battles, they were used and abused to the point where children would be traded for dog meat as a bid to stave off starvation.    More than Rome could feed, cloth or employ, they crossed into Italy and took what was needed.  Thus was the beginning of the descent of Europe into what has come to be known as the “Dark Ages”.

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Beyond the southern border of the United States there are many who live in poverty, hungry for a better life and ready to do a little border jumping to get a chance at a piece of the American dream. Please take a moment to click on Lady Liberty for a good little article on the mass migration of the southern hemisphere,  north (here, where you LIVE dingus)!