You Shall find them in Company


Watch how Muslim the melee relates to  the world as one identity. Then ,however, take note of the schizms that develop within the group towards itself. Conflict with out-group people is built in to Islam. It is the dynamic through which Koranic scripture, both as a manuel for daily living activities, as well as guidelines for banditry (“Big Mo” claims two fifths of everybody’s war booty).  And Ol”man Mo beheaded more than a few victims himself.
Real spiritual issues are lost in a morass of micro managerial executive orders that range from proper poop disposal to how a good little muslim wife should shave her pubes when the old man is coming home after a hard day of caravan looting. (Really, it’s in the book… read it)!

P.S. Don’t be too put- out about the language. Just ask yourself, “Would these people make more sense in English?” HMMMMM?