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Valentine’s Day is coming round rather soon! Need to get that ...Diffusion of the truth through the liberal membrane that encapsulates Hillary Clinton is not happening.  She gives voice to  the delusional conviction that you can find that warm and fuzzy spot in the heart of the decapitating, pedophilic, raping, stealing, betraying, blood lusting, misogynistic, knowledge hating, murderers Ollie North comments on the recent Hillary moment >>>>>




This vid from a couple of years back, confirms her delusions are long-held, deeply entrenched convictions. This thigh slapper  reveals Hillary chastising Israel for not being “empathetic enough” to the plight of the bad guys.

Valentine’s Day is coming round rather soon! Need to get that ...



A run for the big use in ’16?  Surely you jest.


No link here.  Just  the real reason Bill won’t go to the beach with Hillary.                         




These are the fatefull times…when we fumbled the world away.


I remember sitting, holding court as it were, in the student union of my favorite college, with several fellow undergrads, ( over- grads later ) solving the worlds problems in several different idioms based on several different text books being used that semester. No matter what these discussions were about, I felt confident in my assessment of the situation and my conclusions drawn. Fact is, the reason I was such an effortless God was that I  was intellectually engaged, but not morally involved in the issues in reality. But in my damning youth I would drape myself in a chair at the table, wax profane at all things great and small and bask in my own brilliance.

Obama sounds  like he has been surrounded by individuals who would only reinforce his basic matrix of values..  Obama does not base his decisions on duty, honor, truth, justice or the American way. He makes his judgments based on whether he will benefit personally or politically. It is half an equation that always has Obama as a factor. He is not one to take one for the team. How can he understand an organization that is based on concepts such as duty or sacrifice?

This is the foreign policy of a tenderfoot who thinks he knows much more than he actually does. I would like to suggest he do what Bush did. If your not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree of politics, get a real brilliant team of advisers to give you a hand.  But alas, this little Nebob was on the side of the RUSKIES since he sported knickers. He is more than a willing victim, he is a useful idiot too!