25000 Jobs Eaten by ONE BIG MOUTH

MS. Cortez , still riding the crest of the wave of socialist fever that she has triggered in the more mindless democrats. Some are the old-timers like Pelosi or Schumer, longtime fixtures around congress and possessing of no wisdom past, “Duh if I give them something they will vote for me.” Ms. Cortez, full of piss and vinegar is feeling her oats, and is kicking and farting all over the palatial pastures of the District of Columbia like a rambunctious yearling. But I can let a plebe be a plebe for a while. I do so enjoy the dissent and damnation she is breeding in those Dems who still have a few weak signals wafting through their styrofoam brains…..

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The Quality of our Congress

Only an idiot could listen to Ocasio Ortez and not come to the conclusion that she too was an idiot. Just bring up the middle east and let her go. You would think that you were attending a Drunken Jamboree at the United Nations. A sterling example of the condition of education in America today, she is historicly ignorant and has obviously got most of her information from the Main Stream Media. Tatamount to constructing fairytails.