ghoulish abortionist found dead!……..and then?

As Lieutenant Robert Maynard closed with the  murderous pirate Blackbeard, (Edmund Teach) he spread sand on the decks of his sleuth. It was a common maritime practice at the time…if you didn’t want your men to slip in the blood that would soon soak the deck. And Maynard, soon to be engaged in hand to hand meat cleaving, soon to see formidable Mr. Teachs’ head separate from his neck…would glance down and take note of the ocean of blood-soaked history he had traversed to reach that moment.

In C.E. 52 Emperor Claudius set gladiatorial games on a small lake near Rome. For the amusement of Claudius and the mob, 19,000 gladiators fought out a desperate battle. Such was the popular entertainment of that empire.

In the 15th century, Aztec human sacrifice (a priest would tear the still-beating heart from the victim), reached numbers hovering around 250,000 murdered indians per annum.

We know the drill…Stalin: 24 million dead

Hitler: 6 million Jews for a starter

Pol Pot: 2 to 5 million, etc., etc.,

And yet we have traced the signature of living individuals to populations walking this earth thousands of years ago. We have seen the history of humanity in a single strand of DNA. The young hip and tragically cool, marvel at such achievements, smug in the unimpeachable superiority of secular humanism over religiosity.

Then the very same young Turks decide when life is life . They swear that man is game for the challenge of making the fateful selection of the moment when a fetus is not a human being. Like they “selected” on the station deck at Aushwitz maybe?

United States of America , (take a look in the mirror): 53 million dead.”

I have encountered, ad nauseam grande’, that glassy-eyed stare that accompanies lurid descriptions of reading the whole of history through the genetics of a single living female  from females who can see fruit of that strand of eternal DNA torn apart  on a whim.

…and whoever saves a life, it is….as if he saved an entire world.” (Talmud)???

It must be difficult to make selective sensitivity look genuine.


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