Captives of the Right Hand

When reading the life and times of Mohammad, you may hear reference to “captives of the right hand”.  This refers to  women taken as the spoils of war for the purpose of being sex slaves. Or rape slaves, I guess. This linked pik  describes the harassment of women, liberated from the grip of ISIS, Ex sex slaves.


Rough Waters

Could it be fear? Why would Maxine Waters not want the American people to hear President Trump? She is such an……well she is an idiot. She appears to function , motivated by the most primitive urges. It also seams that she is given a pass for what she says and does. Like her incitement to violence against Trump supporters a few months ago. Incitement to do violence? NO consequences? And why can’t I find a good picture of her when her mouth is not opened WIDE!.

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Come to PAPA Little Ones……

After having been inundated by the nihilistic barbarity of the ISIS gang. Muslims are running into the arms of Christ. As an apostate at best, I still find this conversion a lovely story illuminating the forgiveness and love that is central to New Testament doctrine as such a breath of fresh air for those in the clutch of the evil ISIS.

Image: Church of the Brethren in Kobane, Syria


All things considered as described in the linked article, this neighborhood watch seems benign and willing to help the Muslim citizens in their nei9ghborhood. Considering the rather militant clustering that has developed into “no go zones” where even European police are reluctant to tread it would be wise to see that these patrols don’t develop into the Morality police present in many Muslim fundamentalist regions overseas. Above all, decisions inspired by, and violations listed by Sharia should never be allowed to stand. American law must have 100%  primacy over the customs and laws of their countries of origin.

Travelling Back in Time.

Thus the beginning of the real “Arab Spring”. I was a bit of a drifter in my younger days. I got a ride with a dude on his way to California who silkscreened T-shirts for a living. His T’s had a pic of the Ayatollah who deposed the Shah of Iran and initiated the revival of Islam that continues gaining strength today.  The Ayatollah wanted to revive the Islam of 700 AD. Islam, more than other religions, comprises the whole of culture.  So in a real sense. The ’79 Arab spring took the Muslim culture 1400 years into the past.

Blackface Jimmy Kimble

Lets keep an eye on the mainstream press. See if athey will mention Jimmy Kimble’s moment in blackface. Implying Karl Malone is stupid while using a not-so-connincing Ghetto  accent in doing so.

Then there is a spot with Sarah Silverman! 

Nothing will be reported in these obviously racist pieces. And whenever such sins are  committed and then ignored by the left, their true moative is revealed. POWER is their game and they will shift morality around to their benefit, condemning others while committing the same offenses themselves.


Europe is descending into a morass of migrants clashing with the countries that rescued them. Our southern border , overwhelmed by the line of caravans dumping their thousands of asylum seekers at our border, sparking a knock down drag out with POTUS and the Dems.  The Chinese are duking it  out with America financially The north Koreans are a nuclear threat , the martyr mongering Iran is showing off it’s new missiles as it not so secretly continues toward  becoming a nuclear power that truly believes it’s ultimate job is to start the last war….Armageddon, by annihilating Israel.

So our professors busy themselves with the task of outing Mary Poppins as a racist. Warning! THe author of this piece refers to those who object to elements of his article as “alt right”. Marking himself as a liberal Kool-Aid guzzler..   ,

An academic has sparked a row by criticising Mary Poppins over the use of blackface

Go tell the Israelis

Why in the world would the Israelis build a wall to keep terrorists from entering their country! Have they not listened to Nancy Pelosi?  Don’t they know that walls don’t work? That they are immoral. Racist!!! Yes they have built walls before that reduced incidents of illegal crossings by over 90%  What have they got at stake?  Yes the fellows that enter Israel illegally will kill when they cross over. Stabbings and suicide bombers are the reason Israel builds the walls. The border crossers in Israel do not want a job. They do not want asylum. They want to kill. Yet……the idiot Israelis continue to build these ineffective and immoral walls to protect their people and their country. Could it be that the barriers do their part. America should go to the real experts on border control,  like the Germans.

A Palestinian protester throws a rock at Israeli soldiers during a demonstration along the barrier between Israel and the Gaza Strip on November 9, 2018