My Shoes are Racist……My Momma is Racist But She is Dead

The word racism has taken on the ubiquitous mantle of “boogey- man. Utterly every aspect of white/black exchange will eventually come around to racism. Especially when the left has nothing of substance to defend their position.. Now flags are racist, foods are racist, criticism of some religious orders is being called racist. As it is with any term, the more you use it the lest impact it carries. If used as the war club of a leftist in an argument it takes on the tenor of a hackneyed joke.  

A Racism Referendum with Fireworks

You may have seen part of the following vid. It is a snapshot of the energy and intelligence of Candice Owens, a self crafted conservative. Once Democratic  Candice once believed it was her mission from birth to be a good little Democrat……. because she is black The intercourse is hot and heavy, a virtual “donnybrook” of hate being rebuffed a few people armed with the facts.. So don your helmet and seat belt and give it a go! The vid loaded up rather strangly. Ignore that and enjoy.


Problems in the black community had near parity with the white population. Prior to the civil rights movement. Black families were intact and although there was work to be done achieving civil rights, the black family remained the great, unacknowledged strength of the black community. Since the civil rights movement made it’s gains in the early sixties, every problem the black population has, has gotten exponentially worse. It is not the civil rights movement that failed it, is the “Great Society” promoted by Lyndon Johnston that paid the black family to run the father out of the house. When you cripple any American family by removing one of the parents you breed every ill the current black community  endures. The vid below is by far the longest  I have presented. But I believe it is worth the look.  So get comfortable and take a look. IT IS WORTH IT !!!