Wages Up, Hours Down

Ronald Reagan once said that one thing that would guarantee worsening a situation was someone saying, “I am from the government and I am here to help.” Amazon increased their minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour in response to criticism from caterwauling from the left.  Then reduced warehouse employee hours!  Is this equilibrium such a difficult call to anyone above the third grade? 


Mulling the Failed Amazon Deal

The Amazon/New York debacle is very neatly tied to the education our young people are getting in our institutions of “higher learning”.. The left-ward PLUNGE into anti-capitalism by our universities is a rude awakening for many Americans. The Marxist  atmosphere that hangs like a pall over our colleges is indeed a “portable phantasm” and AOC is merely the point-man of things to come as a toxic socialist agenda becomes the crusade of many who are being processed through our houses of higher learning.