Wet Nurse Mullahs ……

Splitting hairs seems to be a reflection of the fearless leaders odd relationship with women. Apart from the sex salves, it didn’t seem to bother him to be raping the women he would take after murdering their husbands, right in front of them. .He felt that unrequited love, never spoken by the pining male that he loves her , is the purist form of love,. His last wife Aisha, was first selected to be the prophets wife when he saw her crawling across his cousins floor at the age of 6. He sent for her a couple years later and consummated the union when she was the ripe old age of 9, (nine). Wives must shave their nether parts clean before ether husband returns from  his conquests. Prepubescent sexuality seemed to hold quite a sway for the old prophet. Either he was wedding and bedding pre pubescent females or insisting that wives infantilize their genitals by shaving them. To give them a pre-pubescent appearance. HMMM?   Throw in FGM and the  re-enactment of Satyicon is complete, the perversions are as twisted as they get.                  Just Klikdapik for more

For the love of God! Oh! There isn’t any.

In reviewing several vids of the action at the American embassy in Iran, several things came up missing that I see in most middle-eastern mob scenes. The crowed appears to be comprised of men of military age; no children and very few women. Old men weren’t invited to the riot (accept for one mullah type I spotted in one vid), but on the whole, it appears the mob was a homogenous group of men with many in military garb (camo) . HMMMMMMM?

Vaya Con dios Compadre

Good character, good values, strong commitment to family, generous love, personal  honor, a strong sense of duty, and loyalty are values held dear to heart of the western culture. They have no color apart from red, the color of blood and sinew. This is why I have never lost sleep over which direction the average Hispanic- American will jump when it comes votin’ time behind the little curtains. As a matter of fact, the most  righteous  man in my extended family is a Hispanic. At one time he was an illegal immigrant, sleeping on other peoples couches and working under the table. Now that he has learned English, achieved a high school diploma and started a family that he stewards with patience and caring, he is now legal, working for good money and on track for legal naturalization.,

Suffer the Little Children to Come Unto Me……..for the Kingdom of Heaven Belongs to Such as These.

A murder of crows gathers around the children in this link. Their black niqabs move like shadows around the brightness and energy of the children. It is hard to imagine such light can be born of such darkness. But it is the charge of the crows to eliminate the sparkle that naturally lights the eyes of a child. It is their sign of success when the blank, dead-man stare covers that light and flattens their expression. Where there could have been sugar plum fairies dancing in their head , they have images of men and women decapitated, (with both sharp and dull knives), buried to their chest and stoned to death,  men thrown from tall buildings, human immolation will make an appearance and suicide bombers vests will clad all the characters in  their dreams.

Women and children ride in the back of a truck

The ISIS forces have been scattered to the wind, al- Baghdadi is dead and the rest are in hiding in refugee camps. But from these camps the word is getting out that ISIS is not defeated and  indeed will rise again.

At least part of the confidence in a resurgence emanates from the deep indoctrination of children. They are the vessel which will carry the ISIS dreams across the defeat of this army to a time when, having regrouped and re-armed they resume their destruction in order to re-establish the caliphate they came so close to creating.  Freud said, “Raise one generation right, and the problems of the world would disappear.”  He also states “child is father to the man.” Invariably, we rerun to our early training.








And that, is the problem.


According to the Nigerian House of Representatives, Baroness Cox, member of the House of Lords, sends the message that genocide is taking Nigeria. Thousands have perished in recent years as Fulani Herdsman empty established villages in order to supplant and replace the population with Muslim extremists. KLIKDAPIK for more details………,

In this piece, the lingering question of non-existant mainstream media coverage is again addressed.  What if the victims had been Muslim? Has a holy war been silently declared on Christendom in Sub-Saharan Africa? The attacks on small villages are brash assaults, carried out openly, with extreme acts of violence meant to bring defenseless villagers to their knees in submission. Only with a total freedom of fear of reprisal could such massacres be committed unchecked for years. Since 2015, 6000 Christians have been killed and another 12000 displaced by marauding Islamists.  

A Very Special Christmas Card

A Msg. in a bottle? How bout a Msg in a Christmas card. The young lady pictured below found  just such a note in a Christmas card. Should the authors of this card ever be released from captivity I want to go to Vegas with any of them. Their luck would be the stuff of legends! For more just Klikdapik below.

Florence Widdicombe and the Christmas card


A favorite phrase of mine is, “He/she is suffering under the delusion that they know something.” The linked article is a cautionary tale regarding the damage liberal naiveté can cause if left unchecked. There is nothing more dangerous than an ignorant person who believes they have all the answers when what they have is the cartoon version of a world built around their so-called insight. The hubris born of delusions of wisdom can hang a blind spot from horizon to horizon, blinding the dime-store-prophet to the deeper back story of the real human beings they have in their charge.

In honing my discipline in counseling I was observed (two way mirrored wall) counseling my first clients. My supervisor had just one comment after observing a few of my sessions. It was, “Seven words or less John, seven words or less.”  I was aghast! How could any good come of these sessions if the clients were deprived of my wisdom?  But I did as I was instructed, vowing to myself to return to my more involved style as soon as I was out of sight of my handlers. Then something miraculous happened. In forcing myself to restrain comment, I learned to listen, and I gave the client the thing he/she wished for most. Someone to listen. Of course there were many occasions when I said more than seven words in my response to clients comments, but had gained the awareness that I could, If I lost touch with my listening skills, cause  more injury than healing


The only thing I can claim to be the ultimate expert in is my own experience in living life. There was still a lot I had to learn. There would always be a lot that I could learn. The instructors involved in this article should take a few minutes and Google ‘honor killing’  before becoming experts in Islamic culture. They could have set up an  innocent girls death by taking action based on their ignorance of their ignorance.


The Koran is choc full of negative referances to Jews. Most of the referances direct good Muslims to kill them when they see them. Mohammed is said to be responsible for running the entire Jewish population off the Arabian peninsula. They are refered to as the progeny of apes and pigs. Even the rocks and trees have been enlisted in shouting out “Here is a Jew!”  should a Jew be hiding. The Jihad of the worst of the worst terrorist is, at it’s  root, fueled by anti-Semitism.

Summits have been held and peace deals signed many times in the past. But none have been worth more than the paper they were written on.



This article provides some rays of hope for a gradual reformation of the relationship between Muslims and Israelis. But like the lover, spurned and burned time and again , each new beginning carries a cautionary note that indeed, ‘the very best laid plans of mice and men, often go awry’. But on the other side of things, we should not be afraid to hope and with caution, we should try for piece.


BUT IT COULD HAVE BEEN HERE.  As this man died of exposure, migrants from the middle east were being tucked in, kept warm, cozy and fed. This is not an oversight, nor a blind spot. This man was not in the group that would gain the libs their bits of compassion credit, in the news and among their comrades.   

This man was not useful in the Libbies press releases over assistance to poor migrants escaping the mess they were in back home. So he gets to freeze to death. In a world of identity politics he was unfortunately of a group (military vet) not flagged as a victim to be rescued by the left. As a matter of fact, a Caucasian male is most often a target of the angry liberal onslaught on western values.


I had resolved to post some positive content to counterbalance the negative that reporting on the world always gravitates to. While I was looking for a good, inspirational story or pik, I was stricken by this photo of prisoners, (of ISIS) and could go no further. You cannot look away from evil and escape it’s putrid touch. Evan when it whispers in your ear that you are burned out and too negative.  Such a message is just another lie that evil tells you to weaken your resolve, still your voice, and close your eyes. Below is a pik that links to a short article. The pik is of two Syrian prisoners being made to crawl as dogs to be burned alive by their ISIS captors.

How many times can your heart break at the sight of such cruelty.