Ellen’s Crusade

All the little canaries are flying out of Brunei air space and back to their gilded cage called western civilization. As the Sultan  of said Brunei  rolls out Sharia law to a breathless world. Ellen DeGeneres has been the most visible of the celebs boycotting the Sultan as a booking option. Her compatriots in condemnation of Sharia law includes Elton John, George Clooney, and Adrienne Maloof, among others.. Why, Oh! Why, at this late date in  history, do our dear celebs get bitchy with Islam. Is it Islamophobia? You know how terrible it is to speak ill of a oppressed people? How could such ugly words come from such beautiful people as Ellen and Elton? What could draw them from their respective ivory towers and into the killing fields of Islamic history?  The Sultan will be stoning gays to death for being gay very soon.  Or tossing them off of tall buildings, or crushing them to death under a collapsing wall…..All punishments according to the Sharia legal code adhered to by Islam. Theft will get a limb chopped off. And women can report a rape if they have four male witnesses to the rape. The female in a rape case will often be flogged or jailed for being raped. Because we all know that most rapes are the woman’s fault, and she needs punishment for the crime of drawing a man or men  into raping them. Etc.




Omar on 911 and Other Things

.Your average American has a greater chance  of winning the lottery than being injured or killed in a terrorist attack. The statements delivered in this vid are revealing but it is the contemptuous manner she delivered her message that is cause for concern.  The migration in Europe dwarfs the number of Muslims that are trickling into the USA. The attitude of superiority to the west and their contempt for the laws, customs and people of the west is confusing. Gratitude is not evident. What is thought to be a normal reaction, gratitude, is not in the lexicon of the Muslim society. In fact evidence of A reluctance to interact with host country people and the indifference to the laws of the respective host states goes hand in glove with their tendency to cluster in  so called  “no go zones”. where even the police fear to tread. Omar reveals  the “pat the dummy on the head ” condescension that speaks utter contempt for Americans and Judeo/Christian  values. 

It developes……..into Baby-Talk…..

When the sweet little Ilanh Omar made her first gaffe I took a breath. Before I needed to draw another she did it again. No apologizing, just gibberish in response to the blowback from her anti-Semite statements. he did it again. Cute little thing. Kinda’ talked down us, (the mob), because we are so ignorant. You know she believes that Israel can and has “beguiled the world and blinded us to the evil that Israel does”. Big blowback, no apology. Then this. ON 9/11 “SOME PEOPLE DID SOMETHING.” That is a verbatim quote….”some people did something.” I believe this statement is tantamount to GOO-GOO, DA-DA, MA-MA, POO-POO ….MGNFlATIGoTSmFFFFfT

Ilhan Omar delivers a speech at a CAIR fundraiser.

I hate to be  a hater but when speaking the simple unvarnished truth is hate speech, then I am damned by my own moral imperatives. It is the crippling need to avoid being politically correct. that has paralyzed the rather painful path to the truth in American politics. The old sampler, “The truth hurts.”……is true. Sorry bad guys, there are a few professional and semi-professional truth speakers out here. I am a truth speaker because if you have five daughters you had better get better at speaking the truth, (and surviving the reply),  just as a parenting skill.


Around 103,000 illegals were apprehended and released into the general population last month. Just an update.

Another caravan is prepping for the trek north at this moment. Hopefully this series of incursions on U.S. soil will not become the “new normal”  at our southern border.  A sense of ongoing damage accompanies these caravans. where are the migrants going? How are they being absorbed into the American society north of the border?  Why does congress remain flaccid when they should be confronting and rectifying our problems on our southern frontier?

Sorry about the last rhetorical question. Everyone knows the obstructing Democratic congress has a vested interest in a dependent American population as a loyal voting base. Don’t expect any action from a Democratic congress. Their ship just came in.

Barr Dropped “The BOMB”

After a seemingly endless period of Democratic  Senators trying to get the Attorney General slip up and say something they could use to their own nefarious ends.  He played it by the book, kept frosty and was a stone of strength through the harassment.

Then the question. They thought he didn’t have the balls to do it! But when a Dem senator queried “Did you think there was spying on President Trumps campaign.” to which Barr calmly replied “Yes I do think there was spying.” The floor clattered with Democratic Jaws hitting the deck.

Fact is. We already know Clinton was in deep with the Russians and already made a pretty penny selling Uranium to them in another questionable transaction. Boy is it starting to warm up in here! I just got so see an Attorney General throw a political boomerang…….. This one is going pop Hillary and her cohorts in the FBI right in the noggin. She PAID for the fake Dossier that fooled the fisa court into Ok-ing an investigation of Trump. OOPS!


Terrorism is the “gift that keeps on giving.” In this instance all that was needed for a massacre is “a message in a bottle” style directive to any mentally unstable, or just  angry Muslim with nothing left to live for. INSTANT HERO! Loads of Main Stream Media coverage so you can be famous, and that warm and fuzzy feeling  that you have done something important to fill the pitiable void that sits where your heart should be. KLIKDAPIK for more.

Little Girls, think about it……..Little Girls

Dress them from the crown to the heel and no covetous eye will find them. Castrate them and they will not betray the husband for pleasure. So  it goes in the Oh! So! Politically Correct England, where 113 cases of female genital Mutilation have been reported in the previous year. 113 cases reported, 7 arrests made, no prosecutions. Female Genital Mutilation is a rather vaguely defined cutting of the female genitals. Labia and clitoris are most commonly cut with the point being to deprive  the fledgling female of the capacity for sexual pleasure.

Below are pictured the “Tools  of the Tirade” for the Female Genital Mutilator



Hate and the left have a working relationship unlike any other extent in the public world today. The Democratic disdain  for Israel and Jews in general has been well known and is clearly refreshed  by frequent epithets of hatemongers as Louis Farrakhan  that damn the religion and its people publicly. Blowback, when gauged by conservative standards, should be bold loud and clearly expressed. But anti-Semitism has been given a pass by the scribes of the Main Stream Press.  While conservative voices are systematically gagged by social media

. I have had my account suspended by Twitter for obvious reasons,  all of them hinged on  suspension of my first amendment rights by Twitter !

The chasm between liberal information ethics and conservative ethics is deep and wide. Information must be triaged before it is released. Just who does the judging is the big question, followed by the question; Why fear the ideas of the conservative side if you have no vulnerabilities that prevent your full disclosure? ……..

The Truth Should Not Hurt

Crowds of desperate migrants rush the border fence near San Diego. Shots of border patrol hopping through the brush after a covey of migrants flushed from a thicket. Drug busts are happening and  a couple of CHINESE  nationals  have been found among the south Americans heading north in caravans numbering in the thousands. Yet Dems and Libs, progressives and anarchists cry “Foul! It is a “fabricated Crisis! The border is just fine!” If you have, even a loose  grip on your sanity, you think the libs are nuts. If you are unbalanced and a little loose in La Cranium or if you have drunk the “cool aid” you cannot see the  hordes of desperate beggars climbing the walls. (the walls that are up already) and you can’t see the frantic chase through the brush.


Bob Kerry, ex-Gov. and ex-Senator of many years on the job just can’t help himself. He must speak to the monumental game of Three Card Monte on the Border that is being played by the progressives on their KOOL-AID KICKED  constituency. KLIKDAPIK and the linked article will amuse and beguile you.




Re-entry  into society is a problem with some incarcerants. The playgrounds, playmates and playthings are still there, waiting for the convict released to the street to pick back up and use to get started again. Old habits, old hang-outs and old comrades are a familiar harbor for the released prisoner. Often, friends from the old gang are already scheming on their first job after release.  Unfair incarceration, on various drug offences, and a reconcideration of charges have been a point of interest for the POTUS.

ISIAHA WASHINGTON, OF LATE KNOWN AS THE ACTOR CANNED FROM “GREYS ANATOMY” for making a gay slur , asserts what Pres. Trump has done more to help the black man than Obama.

The icons and role models for African Americans had better tart putting their money where there mouth is. Isaiah is not an isolated defector. He is one of countless young black men who are emerging from the shadows of the Democratic Plantation to find that the world is at their feet and all they have to do is go for it!  He has preasently ben reunited with his cast ans is working on the series again. Isaiah Washington.

It would be quite a wet dream to have an army of black men, all shoulder to shoulder, all working shoulder to shoulder with men of other colors. (Caucasian). If we were to work together, there would be nothing that we couldn’t achieve.