Nice little vid that could be called a primer of Israeli success. Their insatiable drive to excel casts me into a cauldron of guilt over what I could have achieved had I just applied myself with more discipline. “Ah me! such a waste”  mother would whisper with a note of regret.



Pierce Morgon is an avowed liberal and has never made bones about it. He is liberal. But like most people who have at least some neo-cortical activity, he has the sense to understand the tradition of “fair play”  and evidently, the courage to break with the liberal mob and make his feelings known. Even when his position on an issue that  is opposed to the liberal party line. KUDOS PIERCE!  It is a long video but a good watch so sit back and KLIKDAPIK!

Existential Threat with Sprinkles

A few days ago I responded to the ridicules claim Rashida Tlaib made in praising Palestinians for providing a “safe haven” for Jewish refugees during and after the holocaust. The “warm feelings” she asserted she had when thinking about the holocaust come not from  thoughts of those saved from the grips of Nazis, but thoughts relished for the smell of Jews burning in the ovens of Auschwitz.

Punching holes in such a ridicules statement is not hard; no scholar is needed to recount the abysmal behavior of all Muslim participants from the sale of the area by the remnants of the Ottoman Empire to the British. to the present combative relationship.  The article linked below is much more detailed and informative than my little abstract. It reveals an almost constant existential threat pressed upon the new state of Israel since its genesis both before and after World War 2. KLIKDAPIK and get edified.

Progress Report on Armageddon

There is a world of activity that is newsworthy. But it seems that the Mainstream Media would rather focus on bogus claims of “obstructing justice” when there is no crime to conceal and “collusion” with foreign powers when it is the accusers that have grown fat and rich selling out the United States in back-room deals over URANIUM SALES TO RUSSIA. Russia  already has a few thousand ICBMs pointed at targets within the U.S..



Ramadan is Islam’s main religious holiday. Your supposed to do a lot of Daytime fasting among various other traditional behaviors. And for some reason, everybody wants to be the first Jihadi on his block to kill someone for Ramadan. So you are  pretty much guaranteed a high body count racked up by Jihads.  All  other religions have committed exactly ZIP religious murders on this occasion. But they don’t have the proper religious zeal of our Muslim brothers!

Go West MR. Biden….Right?

Cornell West is a smart fellow. He leans is left  but his mind is that of a divergent thinker. If you get him in the zone and he gets to churning out stream of conciouness, he will even say some things that are quite astute, if not right, per se.  He is looking at the false  “black preacher” mimicking of Biden and telling him he has to get with reality to beat this group of primary candidates.

I  was embarassed for Joe Biden when he attempted, to sound like an evangelical preacher, a black one at that! It is silly what some polititions will do for a vote. I guess prostitues sometimes get the same reactions when they have to do incredibly stupid things for money.

But if he continues to defend his involvement in a 1984 three strikes law he penned,  he will be easy prey for Trump in that the law resulted in mass incarcerations for blacks in affected jurisdictions. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOPS!! POSSIBLE BLACK DEFECTIONS MIGHT OCCUR …..Biden may alienate the African-American community.


I took a couple of tries to get through my undergraduate degree. First try….mid ’70s…. had to pause for a while to abuse sex, drugs and rock and roll. Then I woke up in a farmhouse in the middle of the night somewhere in southwestern Ks. Had no idea where I was and had never been to the address I came-to in. Fully clothed and in a  dry bath tub….. Snuk out into the night and went back to school in the mid ’80s.

My first attempt at higher education included a humiliating routing from a government course taught by an Iranian expat. Set on regaining my honor, I made certain to get him as a professor for try number two.  He sported a handlebar mustache and an attitude of utter disgust at American students so  ignorant of their own government workings.

I remember the flop sweat trickling down my temple when he picked me during one of his verbal quizzes. His “quizzes” were a sadistic affair during which he would ask questions about the Constitution and then, before a classroom full of students, humiliate the poor dumb American students according to their level of ignorance. We deserved it. Every American should have to memorize the constitution at least once in their life.

I fulfilled the requirements for the course. I memorized the Constitution and in particular, I memorized the bill of rights. I passed. Barely. KLIKDAPIK and take the test….BITCH!

Can you pass a U.S. Constitution test? (Shutterstock)

Republican Swings and Socialism Takes a Hit

Below is a campaign ad by Harrison Floyd. A Republican veteran who is launching his bid for congress with a vid that is short and devastating. It gives me warm fuzzy feelings to hear such unfettered honesty in challenging the socialist insurrection the most recent caravan of Dems. put forward as standard bearers for Marxism in America.


Jon Voight is a fine actor and I am impressed with his courage of conviction and willingness to speak the truth regardless of the social consequences. In this short vid he mentions Abraham Lincoln in describing his feeling about Trump.I hold President Lincoln in high esteem. I feel he saved the Union and without him history would have been drastically rewritten. But I appreciate Mr.  Voights courage and I am very impressed with Trumps achievements, so hard won,  with the entirety of the D.C.swamp disgorging its’ plagues and  minions of hell in trying to bring him down. But no one can compare with Lincoln!  Bless Mr. Voights heart, but I can’t compare Trump with Abraham Lincoln as he does. Trump is, in  his own way, saving America. His is a civil war of systems of government. Depending on his success or failure in defeating the socialist incursion that threatens our free market economy, America will be reformed as another anemic socialist banana republic, or set on a course for future greatness.