DRIP,DRIP,….had enough yet?

“CANDY IS DANDY, BUT LIQUOR IS QUICKER!”  The above pictured clown is praying that he gets tortured by Americans rather than ISIS.  As Code pink tosses and turns in their little beds. Visions of a deep penetration into the soft quivering psyche of the guilt- hungry Limo-Libs, climate gurus, vegans, tree huggers, ad nauseam, ad infinitum, dance  in their ganglia.

The extreme of both sides of the political equation are working through their personal pathology. Forget them, they will always see the clouds as portraits of themselves. They will scream at a spot of dull brown in the rainbow of their world ideal. They equivocate everything because it absolves them of having to make a judgment about anything. They respond to trigger words not values. Serious minds pass them by. Well, I take that last statement back. Now they own the communications world of Hollywood and eastern seaboard mainstream news outlets. They are the custodians of COOL. And that is all that is necessary in the ol’ US Of A!

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