Legend has it that during the course of Rasputin’s long trek  from the  Siberian Steppes to St. Petersburg to be Czar Nicholas’ Svengali, he would upon occasion approach fair maids and without a word begin to disrobe them. Maybe it was the mesmerizing quality of his gaze, or the monks habit he sported, but more often than not he would score.

Denial happens when something is so far beyond our daily experience that we can’t acknowledge it’s existence.  When we finally snap to it and the deer-in-the-headlights stare morphs into fear and rage, it will be too late. Well we are just now waking to the real agenda. I hope it’s not too late.

I have felt like John the Baptist, but without the popularity he had. I have been the chicken little squawking “He planned it this way!” For this pogrom to work he must bleed the vitality from the economy. He must kill hope. The hope that fuels capitalism. Example: For a year I have slugged away at this site. Hoping that it will someday catch on.  My enemy is doubt. Doubt in my ideas; doubt that with the ocean of sites, mine would be so special that others would give it return clicks. Hope is the last breath of Free Market Capitalism. Obama is just waiting to hear the death rattle  of our belief in ourselves.



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