Twitter, Facebook team up with EU to stamp out “hate speech”


You want an in-depth, up close and personal book about the present socio-political landscape of present day America? Read the book “1984”. Orwells dystonic vision of the future  has the protagonist employed in revising all records of past events to bring the “facts” into line with the states narrative..  Language is groomed to promote approved terms. And  only “Newspeak” the official language of “Engsoc” (English socialism), is accepted. Even children are enlisted in spying on their parents and others to root out those committing “thought crimes” against the state. His book is but a warning.  Just a  twitch away from perfect hand in glove symmetry with present political conditions in America.

The overarching tragedy is that there will be no consequences. History has been revised; and suddenly the investigation into this matter has been abandoned. HMMM?