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Hug a Mass – Murdering Psychopath Today!


It is with a bit of caution that recommend reading an article that has content I disagree with. But the veneer of rationality is so transparent in this reply to criticisms of Michael Moore  over his tweets calling snipers cowards.

The article sounds reasonable but falls short of apologizing or explication  of his tweet. Like a pompous  ass who can’t ever admit fault… he just acts and sounds “reasonable” as a way of silencing his critics. Of course, every communication is layered. The first strata is the public self, this is what Moore wants us to believe about him.  A deeper strata reveals His real beliefs. And the final strata is the co-lateral revelations made because he just can’t be silent. 

 And we always reveal something  we would rather be left untouched about ourselves, just by speaking, . I assume the reader has him nailed on the first layers manipulation. The deeper layers always interest me.   In Moore’s description of his moviegoing experience, we see an elitist who believes he is of a higher grade status than the “unwashed masses”  in the audience, who apparently enjoyed the film. They just couldn’t be from his gated liberal community. They had to be a bunch of hillbilly invaders that mysteriously occupied the theater.  The message that “if you don’t believe as I dictate, you are a lesser  person is loud and clear.

  The greater, supportive belief, is  that it is bad for a male child to play aggressively reveals the culture is becoming “feminized.” Sensitivities are increasing and behavior that  was formerly too insignificant to mention, is acted upon with damaging effect. 

Zombie Soldier

The Media, where blistering objectivity WAS the gold standard for reporting, is now a participant in the news.  Kris Kyle is being described as a sociopath who was going on “killing sprees”?!  Klikdapik and see….








TRUTH:  Hey he’s a kid! Kids Believe! They haven’t had their asses kicked by life. Sometimes they are ten feet tall and bullet proof. Other times terrified by a shadow in their closet. But you have to hand it to the nervy little cuss. To lie down knowing you’re in the sights of a sniper and play dead!  Wow! I say and harrumph! with a hazaahh thrown in for good measure!.