SHOULD HAVE CALLED A BULLET DAY (like a snow day but louder)


There are  lot of people in the world who read this type of article and they feel an urge to get up and do something about children in jeaopardy. It is the natural instinct of the American to  know who is the weaker and who can stand in harms way. American males and females both, if they were raised in the American tradition, will instinctively “ride to the sound of the guns”. Such is the original gift of the Democracy to her children. It throws the burden of responsibility onto the shoulders of each citizen rather than some Great Benefactor who only expects us to have intercourse, spew out little “running- dog- lackeys”, masticate, eliminate and vote Democrat.

On the balance I will not jump at every breeze or snap of a twig. That kind of hyper vigilance is not a life. But I have gagged down more horrific stories during the last six years than I did during the five decades prior. Pol Pot did not manage media like ISIS Even Stalin kept much of the monumental murdering on the down low, (incidentally he was a bit before my time). But the bomb has been dropped. I fell in 1979. It was dropped by Ayatollah Khomeini when he virtually started the fundamentalist Islamic revival that is still going on today. By ousting the Shaw and forming a pure theocracy, he was a beacon to a third world full of  finger licken’ nose pickers who can’t seem to get laid in this world. So they are making their bet on the next world. (C’mon. if you think about it, that seems to be the crowing gift of heavan to those who are ingenious enough to blow themslve up.) WW III has been on since 1979 .  I will never see another war like this one and I  probably will not live to see this war end.


*just sarcasm

 Malala YousafaziAdvocate for educating Muslim females, shot in the head by Taliban 2 years back, is stated as the reason for the horrific attack on the Pakistani grade school.