“He was a quiet neighbor, always kept to himself…..

In the 60s’, it was revealed by the more sensitive and loving of our kin that we had many mentally ill individuals being ‘warehoused’ in  institutions across the country. As an act of caring we ‘liberated’ these individuals. Since then we have had the problem of a ballooning homeless population that has presented health and well fare issues of their own. Not so hot when you have Schizos’ who won’t stay on their antipsychotics as they starve and freeze to death on Americas streets. Maybe we need to think about the welfare of society over the odd whack-a-doo with an itch.

Doublespeak and Engsoc evolve,  political correctness and the Neopuritanism of the left prevail.  It is all here, wars, rumors of atrocities and lists of words that can’t be used any longer. History would be corrected,  we would be vindicated as truth is twisted and stretched to any dimension that suited the need.