To Honor Those Who Fell at Stonewall

This posting is not too political and offers little more than an unusual read. But it must be included that when Muslims go to “Killer Heaven” they can choose to be serviced by beautiful young boys as well as the basic virginal females.

He must be getting in good copulating condition for along with the 72 virgins a good Jihadi gets upon entry into heaven, are 28 boys (for those similarly inclined.

The above-related vid shows a training facility for the heavenly bad boy brigade.  Here we see a graduate of training about to be deployed to his devine post. A cute little get-away named the “Al Ya’ Cockbar!”  Below is pictured “Glory Hole” training prior to heavenly deployment for gay “pleasure boys”!

P.S. I have nothing against those of homosexual orientation…..So there!

A NIMBY thing.