PLEASED TO MEET YOU, hope you guessed my name…… MOST VICTIMS are found  in the fetal position. But whether found curled up in a corner of the killing room or at the back of our favorite closet, you can bet that the poor dummy died waiting for a miracle.   We have lost the gristle to act on our own beliefs.  Denial is simple and easy. ——————————————————————————————


Never have lines of battle been so clearly drawn…. The ‘real’ Egyptians have been fighting these Muslim assholes for about 1400 years.  Coptic Christianity, with origins to the very lifetime of Christ, has been in a struggle for primacy that has not ended since the seventh century. Egypt, prior to the Muslim insurgency, had been a central actor in the history of the middle east for ohhh, say, multiple millennia.  In a historic pissing contest, the Islamic aggressors represent no more than a wandering band of Bedouin nomads that paused in their rootless wandering long enough to slap together a couple of established religions and cobble together a system of occupation and suppression of  conquered populations. This ‘witch’s brew’ was compiled  with schisms and all, and marketed to the third world at sword-point as the KORAN.  Time, critical thought, empirical observation, physics, mathematics, and all of the hard sciences were abandoned to Mohammad M.D. and the Camel-Piss-school of Medicine (Big Mo’ says have a physical complaint? Drink camel urine! We are in a violent metaphysical debate with a  religion that boasts not one College or University in the top 500 Universities world wide.  It’s madrassas are no more than propaganda factories for jihadi recruits. Our Mesopotamian friends want to have a word with the religion of  ‘sampling’ over the issues of zero and algebra. Look it up don’t just drinki the Kool-Aid. Now, as I witness the convulsive regurgitation of the attempt at establishing a sharia based culture in Egypt, my heart is warmed soul takes flight at a people who will, in the final measure, live free or die! Even if our idiot leaders can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys, the Egyptians have had to respect and expect, a more dynamic culture than the  restrictive system proffered by the Koran.  Muslims carry a history of deep violent involvement in the secular matters of aggrandizement, and expansion through war.  The Copts, conversely,  just want to live their lives unmolested. Post scripts word to the wise: As the world-wide movement to establish a world-wide Caliphate evolves and the potential for the odd mushroom cloud is being reduced to a split-second on the ol’ atomic clock, we had better install some hard-nosed veterans rather than idealistic shave-tails.